Benefits of Embrace

Uncover 10x issues than were previously known and causing churn and wasting your team's time

Troubleshoot Faster

Most issues are not crashes or self-set error logs — but to the user they still feel like crashes and freezes. True crashes comprise less than 1% of in-app errors, while error logging primarily finds the errors you are already looking for.

Our mobile app monitoring detects anything that leads to your users leaving your app or having a frozen or sub-optimal experience.

Crashes, freezes, super slow, spinner of death, no connectivity, network call error, out of memory, low power, CPU pegging

Monitoring, Alerting, and Diagnostics for each user, every session.

eCommerce Case Study


  • Power users unable to bid on items at auction
  • Mobile analytics tools did not indicate a problem
  • The team had no idea users were unable to bid

→ The CTO looked up a complaining power user, replayed the session, and found the bad network call.

Value: A large jump in bids at an average purchase price over $50 and often over $600!

Prioritize What Matters

Embrace partners with you to reprioritize your roadmap by making ROI improving features visible. With a set of real user impacting errors in your hands, you can stop spending time coding on things that just don't matter.

Data and Recommendations to re-prioritize your roadmap.

Delivery Case Study

Issue: Consumers were complaining about being unable to access the app and were stuck on the splash screen

→ With Embrace, the head of mobile engineering quickly saw that the startup was frozen because a vendor's location call was not resolving

Value: Over 10% of users could now access the app that weren't able to before

Increase LTV

Discover immediate ROI improvements by finding undetected holes in your app and reducing user churn.

Stop losing money and users for unknown reasons.

Streaming Video Case Study

Issue: Retention declining via abandonment

→ With Embrace, the product teams found load times so long that to the user the experience was frozen. Specific network calls and video loading logic were identified as the culprit.

Value: 3x videos viewed and higher app engagement and ad revenue

Benefits for the Entire Team

Mobile Engineers

Tired of being told "Your sh&t is broken"?

Use our mobile app analytics to look up the user, identify the problem, get back to sleeping soundly and to coding.

Business Owners

Stop losing money and users for unknown reasons.

Discover immediate ROI improvements while increasing the efficiency of your engineering and customer service.


For every user who complains, 10 walk away silently.

Optimize app performance so you can lower churn and increase LTV. Make your CAC a competitive advantage.


Wasting time trying to reproduce an issue, especially one that probably isn't your code?

Regain that time: look a user up (including yourself!), and send the team a link to the session.

Customer Service

Asking users to reinstall or restart addresses the symptom and not the problem.

Know if the ticket is connectivity, user, or code. Go back to your team with true issues and better respond to your users.

Increase the efficiency of your teams from engineering to customer service.

IoT Case Study

Issue: Users complained that the security video stream for their home was not starting

→ QA identified all 1st party network call errors and timeouts as viewed from each mobile device, and created a roster of all users effected.

→ Customer Service now proactively reaches out before users complain.

Value: Reducing churn and poor ratings means more product sales and fewer customer service tickets

Let us find opportunities to improve your ROI