The Performance Monitoring Platform for All Apps

Below are a just a few examples of how we have provided Mobile Teams with increased ROI through visibility


  1. Proactively find all users who cannot accomplish a task, like a purchase
  2. Pinpoint abandoned and slow experiences during key moments, (like Startup, Add-to-Cart and Purchase)
  3. Identify when SDKs fail for attribution (CPI issues) and purchases (LTV)

Customer Case Study - Auctions


  • Power users unable to bid on items at auction
  • Mobile analytics tools did not indicate a problem
  • The team had no idea users were unable to bid

→ Embrace discovered a bad network call only affecting power users.

Value: A large jump in bids at an average purchase price over $50 and often over $600!

Internal Apps (Used by Your Workforce)

  1. Identify poor experiences before the user complains
  2. Decrease time to response for customer support and engineering
  3. Determine the real reason your workforce is having an issue — it might not be your code

Customer Case Study - Delivery

Issue: Drivers were not completing deliveries and blaming app performance

→ With Embrace, the lead engineer quickly looked up the complaining driver, reviewed the session, and found the driver was not receiving the correct address because of a code error.

Value: The fixed line of code means more deliveries occur at an average order value of $20

Media and Entertainment

  1. Identify users with frozen or blocked experiences and show more page views and streams
  2. Boost ad revenue by identifying ad experiences that block or kick users from the app
  3. Understand the performance of your streaming media and image load times for actual, real-time users

Customer Case Study - Streaming Video

Issue: Retention declining via abandonment

→ With Embrace, the product teams found load times so long that to the user the experience was frozen. Specific network calls and video loading logic were identified as the culprit.

Value: 3x videos viewed and higher app engagement and ad revenue

Devices & Automation

  1. Identify and replay users blocked by connectivity changes or other tech issues during on-boarding
  2. Preserve subscription revenue and brand value with full visibility into users' real-time, sub-optimal experiences
  3. Know when users can't get the experience they desire because network calls don't reach the server (ex. timing out) and reach out to them proactively

Customer Case Study - Home Security Device

Issue: Users complained that the security video stream for their home was not starting

→ Embrace identified all 1st party network call errors and timeouts as viewed from each mobile device, and created a roster of all users effected. Customer Service now proactively reaches out before users complain

Value: Reducing churn and poor ratings means more product sales and fewer customer service tickets

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