Performance Monitoring

Measure Performance #

Moments #

Embrace also contains a powerful stopwatch and abandonment tracking feature, which we call moments. This mechanism is the same one used to measure application launch performance, which we covered in the Session Reporting section.

Starting a Moment #

Here’s how you start a moment.

import {startMoment} from 'react-native-embrace';


In a fictional scenario, this is a moment we’re using to measure how quickly an item is added to a list after a user selects the plus button.

You can also start a moment with properties, an identifier, and screenshots. For more on this, check out the API docs.

Ending a Moment #

Next, here’s how you end a moment.

import {endMoment} from 'react-native-embrace';


A timer is started once you make a call to start a moment. If you end the moment within a configurable threshold, then the timer ends and the client’s measurement is used to report performance. You can end the moment from multiple locations in your app.

Tracking Abandonment #

In addition to measuring performance, moments can also measure abandonment. For more on tracking abandonment, see the Best Practices section.