Benefits for the Entire Mobile Team

We are a holistic mobile platform that is a single source of truth into your mobile app

Mobile Engineers

Tired of being told "Your sh&t is broken"?

Use our mobile app analytics to look up the user, identify the problem, get back to sleeping soundly and to coding.

Business Owners

Stop losing money and users for unknown reasons.

Discover immediate ROI improvements while increasing the efficiency of your engineering and customer service.


For every user who complains, 10 walk away silently.

Optimize app performance so you can lower churn and increase LTV. Make your CAC a competitive advantage.


Wasting time trying to reproduce an issue, especially one that probably isn't your code?

Regain that time: look a user up (including yourself!), and send the team a link to the session.

Customer Service

Asking users to reinstall or restart addresses the symptom and not the problem.

Know if the ticket is connectivity, user, or code. Go back to your team with true issues and better respond to your users.


Insights That Reprioritize Your Roadmap

Embrace partners with you to reprioritize your roadmap by making ROI improving features visible. With a set of real user impacting errors in your hands, you can stop spending time coding on things that just don't matter.

Embrace is the analyst in your pocket. Our mobile app analytics tools provide reports and insights with benchmarks. We deep dive into your app to discover users, devices, and outliers wherein ROI resides.

Bad Session Tracking

Most issues are not crashes or self-set error logs — but to the user they still feel like crashes and freezes. True crashes comprise less than 1% of in-app errors, while error logging primarily finds the errors you are already looking for.

Our mobile app monitoring detects anything that leads to your users leaving your app or having a frozen or sub-optimal experience.

Crashes, freezes, super slow, spinner of death, no connectivity, network call error, out of memory, low power, CPU pegging

User Session Replay

You cannot solve mobile issues with traditional web and server monitoring methods. Unlike web and server monitoring, where a snapshot (stack trace or error log) is all you need to diagnose a problem, in mobile development you also need the technical and user events that led up to the snapshot.

Embrace focuses solely on mobile and provides the application monitoring tools you need to get a view of the technical details, clicks, and views (and not just errors logged) that led up to any specific user's poor experience.

Sample User Timeline

Lookup Individual Users

Every device is a user. To understand who is affected, the priority of an error, and the cause, you must be able to look up any user, view any session and compare good to bad sessions.

Embrace lets you look up any user and any session. We don't sample. You can quickly diagnose user error, connectivity, third-party SDKs, or your own code; then proactively discuss and share causes and solutions with your team and your users.

Complete Session Health Indicators for Each Release

A single crash metric does not tell the story about the health of your release.

Embrace provides the full picture via KPIs for the entire app and the most important moments in your app. Plus, we measure leading indicators to alert you and your team of larger issues, like CPU pegging and session length, before you find out through post-hoc analytics and your users have already left.

Network Monitoring

Monitor from the perspective of the device and each user:

  • Many calls (like timeouts) never reach your servers
  • Third-party calls are not monitored and when their APIs go down, you are blind
  • Your server APIs change; the impact is often only detected when the mobile client breaks

Embrace monitors and provides alerts for all network calls (first, CDN and third-party). We find all errors and timeouts from the POV of the device (and not the server) and, more importantly, determine whether and how the app was affected.


App Performance Optimization

Purchases taking too long? Startups feel frozen with the spinner (of death)? Images not loading? Users complaining about streams not starting? The age-old adage is true: the faster your app runs, the fewer complaints (and tickets), the higher the purchase conversion, the more content and ads shown, and the prouder the mobile engineer.

Our app performance monitoring tools measure the critical areas of your apps for time duration and, most importantly, to see whether the user abandoned the app entirely. We give you a list of every user affected and all the probable causes.

Additional Features


Crash Reporting

Crashes are a commodity & solved.

We wrap your crash reporter or you can use ours, so we can focus on the real issues in your app.


All the types of alerts (real-time, daily, and by user), the way you want them (via email or Slack).

Error Logging

Error logging is a feature and not a product.

Set as many logs as you want without volume limits. Empower yourself to solve your hunches and issues.


PII data scrubbed or voluntarily set by you. Two-factor authentication and single sign-on.

Embrace isn't built for the tail.



A mobile device is always on the move. Shouldn't you know whether connectivity changed or ceased within any session?

Customer Service Integrations

Stop telling users to reinstall or restart!

Reduce ticket volume and time spent by knowing exactly what the user experienced and sending actual replays to QA and engineering.


See actual screenshots whenever Embrace detects an issue. Prove to your team there is a problem and achieve quicker diagnosis.

Stitching of Sessions

Sessions don't end on 'background'!

Embrace is the only platform that stitches separate sessions into a single, actual view of your app and how it ran.

A single APM platform for mobile.
What else do you need?

Integrate Embrace and start improving your app now