The only true measure of mobile app health and stability

Correctly measuring mobile app health relies on understanding every cause of a broken user experience. Embrace analyzes every user session to accurately measure both the performance and stability of your features and releases.

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Phone showing app health and stability

Measure business impact instead of a single stability metric

The health of your app is not a crash metric or a combined metric consisting of crashes and error logs. In fact, a logged error might not have any impact on the user experience.

Overall app health is every reason the app does not perform to its purpose of fulfilling your users’ expectations. And every performant user experience fuels your business outcome of revenue, retention, and productivity.

Health gauge affected by crashes, slow user flows, OOMs, user terminations, and ANRs

Tracking every individual user’s experience is the key

Embrace tracks every single session to know when a user leaves unexpectedly or abandons a key user flow. These individual user experiences add up to define the overall performance and stability of your app.

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Performance indicator


Did a user struggle to complete a key user flow?

  • The startup took too long, so they abandoned the app.
  • The purchase wouldn't complete, so they bought from a competitor's app.
  • The video took too long to start, so they watched fewer videos.
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Stability indicator


Did the user prematurely leave the app?

  • Crash
  • ANR/Freeze
  • OOM
  • An indication of their frustration, like user termination.
  • Or they just left

Launch features with complete confidence

Compare and measure feature releases to easily pinpoint improvements or setbacks.

  • Create Crashlytics-style dashboards customized to your team’s KPIs.
  • Compare by feature, release, A/B test, or other property that’s specific to your app.
  • View performance and stability indicators to know when to dive in and where.

Feature Comparison for Ecommerce App

Startup median time graph
Add to cart graph
Feature: Cart Preview (v42.2.0)
Needs Investigation
App Stability 90%
Crash Free 99.09%
User Terminated-Free 99.55%
ANR Exit-Free 91.36%
Health Indicator Distribution Current
Low Memory Warnings 0.46%
Average Session Length 37s
ANR Interval > 1s 52.78%
Top 3 (v42.1.0, v41.0.3, v39.7.0)
App Stability 98.01%
Crash Free 99.91%
User Terminated-Free 98.72%
ANR Exit-Free 99.38%
Health Indicator Distribution Current
Low Memory Warnings 4.71%
Average Session Length 1m 29s
ANR Interval > 1s 8.15%

Solve health and stability errors instantly

Other tools proudly point to an error and consider that enough. It’s not.

At a minimum, for every error, your platform should let you fix it:

  • Show you precisely where and how it occurs for all affected users.
  • Reveal the impact it has on your app’s performance, stability, and revenue.
  • Give you the context needed to reproduce it and fix it.

Our experts are your partners

Our mobile experts dig in to debug your most difficult bugs. Our data analysts pull custom data for your most pressing questions, and compare your KPIs to our industry benchmarks.

We are here so you can exceed your KPIs.