Your logging tools only tell half the story

Logs are only powerful when they connect individual events to the context of the user actions that caused them.

Monitor from the session level to get the full story

See all errors as they appear in the timeline of a user session—we don't sample.

  • Our User Timeline provides full context: See your logs in conjunction with views or activities, network calls, and more.
  • Each stack trace includes a screenshot from the time of the error.
  • Automatically upload source maps, dSYMs, and ProGuard files.

Prioritize the issues you find based on their severity

Your time is important, and not all problems are worth fixing. Instantly get user statistics to understand your most severe problem areas, focusing your debugging efforts on your business needs.

  • Find the percent of users affected by an error to focus on helping the largest number of users.
  • Filter by custom properties to better relate crashes to user actions, such as the number of items added to a cart or the store location where an item was purchased.
  • Add breadcrumbs for even more context.

Assign developers to errors as soon as they appear

Track errors easily by knowing which developer is responsible for the log or crash.

  • Proactively set alerts to be notified by email or Slack when a new bug appears or an old one resurfaces.
  • Resolve or snooze bugs as you address them, updating your team on what’s been taken care of.
  • Empower your entire organization, including QA and CS teams, to look up sessions to troubleshoot issues.

We show up when you call

Everyone needs help sometimes. Partner with our team of mobile experts and data analysts for any issue that springs up. Our platform is built to help mobile teams save time and money, and we're here to help you get there.

Are your error logs missing context? Embrace can help!