Let Embrace be your network watchdog

One dashboard to monitor your entire network

Insights on which calls most frequently error or are slow, so you know what to work on first
See your top erroring domains
Visualize your top server errors for extra visibility on your backend
Click into any domain to view all paths belonging to that domain
Get the full story. Click into any path to get a list of errors and sessions containing those errors.

Embrace’s networking page has every detail of your mobile app’s networking performance, all in one place. Discover your top erroring and slowests calls, and click into any path to see which users and sessions are affected by those calls. Detailed session timelines show exactly where failed calls occur in the user’s experience, and whether that user was noticeably affected.


Get alerted by Slack/email on spikes in your network errors so you can catch your network outages before your users do.

Quickly bubble-up priority networking errors for your team to focus on

Select a list view for quick prioritization.

Take Action on Networking Errors

Quickly view which networking calls most frequently error or are the slowest so you know what to work on first.

Click into any insight to get more information on the call, such as specific status codes and sessions which contain the call.

Every path, every error

Don't let rogue paths go undetected. View all paths belonging to a selected domain, and which paths have the highest error rates and counts.

Sort on a series of error metrics, such as 4xx, 5xx, and total errors.

Some device calls never make it to the server. Don't let stealthy connection errors ruin your users' experience.

Path filter allows you to quickly search on every path belonging to a domain.

If you don’t measure and monitor, you can’t focus on what matters to your users.

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