One Dashboard for all your health metrics

Monitor the health of your mobile app in real-time

More than just crashes, view every metric on which you and your users’ experiences depend
Select KPIs, SLAs and just plain issues and visualize by lists or graphs
Filter by Version, Segment, and Device or in one aggregated view
Display on your TV and watch in real-time

The ‘Overview Page’ is a single dashboard customizable to the KPIs, SLAs, and issues (crashes, out-of-memories (OOMs), app-not-responsives (ANRs), freezes, user force-quits, and network errors) that matter to you. Think a “Datadog” dashboard built for mobile.

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A super flexible Widget creator

Click into a Widget or search for a user and diagnose faster than you could before.

Select any type of health visualization including
  • Issues like Crashes and ANRs
  • Duration and freezes for key areas, like startup, purchase, or video load
  • Network errors from each user’s perspective (4xx, 5xx, client-side errors, response times)
  • Logs! See your error logs here as well
Watch key traditional metrics like unique users or sessions
View live data as a graph or a table
Add a background graph to understand how you compare against the norm
Focus metrics via filters for Segments, OS, Device, or Area of the App

Quick Insights

Don't let insights hide in your data or within a graph

Quickly bubble-up which network calls, crashes and other errors on which to focus.

Select a list view for quick prioritization.

If you don’t measure and monitor, you can’t focus on what matters to your users.

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