Session replay designed to instantly debug mobile errors

Experience any user session without the hassle of reproducing. Replay all the technical details in one traversable visual. Immediately answer any question or complaint.

Do you ever want to just look up the user and see what exactly happened?

  • The CEO experienced a “bug” on his new iOS/Android device and complains to you about it.
  • A user leaves a bad app store review.
  • The QA team spots a bug, and tries and fails to reproduce it.

Accurately replay every user’s session to fix errors in minutes

With Embrace’s “User Timeline”:

  • Look up a user and view all their sessions.
  • See every detail within each session – views/activities/components, network calls, error logs, CPU, memory and more… in the order and duration they occurred.
  • Prioritize by knowing the real issue – whether it is a real bug or an issue outside of your code, like low power mode or a bad network connection.

Identify the root cause quickly whether your code, a third-party SDK, or user error

With complete session and device data in one place, you no longer have to string together multiple tools to dive deep and diagnose the problem.

  • Reproduce what led to the crash (or other error like ANR, termination, freeze).
  • Instantly attribute whether the code broke, an SDK was at fault, or the user was in fact wrong.
  • Debug using the best data, like ANR stack trace flame graphs, to solve more than with only a stack trace.
  • Automatically categorize errors, like background crashes, that don’t generate crash reports.

“Charles Proxy” built for production sessions

Embrace captures every network call from your app - in debugger, QA, or production - so that you clearly understand how your servers and third-party APIs impact app performance and cause unexpected errors.

  • Trace any network call between the user’s device and your backend APM.
  • See the order and timing of network calls in a session along with the views in which they occurred.
  • Visualize simultaneous, parallel network calls as if from the user’s perspective and discover freezes or OOMs stemming from self-induced network congestion.
  • Review every call whether good (2xx), bad (4xx, 5xx) or really bad (client-side error that is undetected by traditional mobile tooling).

Inspect user experiences from a mobile perspective

Web and server-side tools fail to capture the unique nature of the mobile experience. In mobile, code runs across sessions — backgrounding, viewing the notification center, or switching apps. Embrace always shows your data from each user’s perspective.

  • Stitch sessions together, that other tools keep separate, to see the complete lifecycle of your code.
  • View screenshots with every error or extremely slow experience, so you see exactly what the user saw when the issue occurred.
  • Experience when a user is frustrated, like “rage clicks”, with automatically collected taps and user flows (views, fragments, and components).

Prioritize bugs based on true user impact

Embrace measures the impact of every issue from the individual details of every affected user and session.

  • Prioritize by knowing exactly who was affected.
  • Solve issues easier by reviewing each instance, multiple times, across user sessions.
  • Compare releases to ensure the problem does not resurface.

Spend less time hunting bugs and more time building features