Splunk MINT is sunsetting —
discover the best alternative for mobile teams

BugSense (aka Splunk MINT) was a poor man’s Crashlytics. Splunk acquired it to “check the box” for mobile in RFPs. The intent was to provide mobile data for operational intelligence... but it was never achieved.

With Embrace, take the next best step beyond Splunk MINT, and finally achieve the mobile-first observability and debugging that you always desired.

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Enter BugSense 2.0 that works with Splunk

You used to be able to easily pinpoint and reproduce errors that deserved immediate attention. Get ahead and replace before it's too late with a toolset that you’re used to… but even better.

  • We’re end-to-end. We work with Splunk.
  • We’re up to date. We are on the forefront of mobile with the latest iOS and Android versions, React Native, and more.
  • We find many more crashes and issues. You are missing crashes and taking longer to solve them with your current tooling.
Collection of error dashboards and graphs

Beyond crashes, get the data and insights to solve enterprise problems

Embrace is built to solve the toughest mobile issues by giving you all of the metrics a mobile developer needs in one place. Find all crash, stability, and performance insights, conveniently connected to every user’s individual sessions.

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Session-specific data

Reproduce the issue when it’s not possible or incredibly time-consuming with your current tools.

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Hyper-targeted alerts

Proactive alerts for errors you wouldn't know about otherwise, and hyper-targeted alerts for any error or metric you want to know about sooner.

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Comprehensive toolset for observability

Compare your metrics by any combination of version, feature, and segment to easily spot improvements or regressions.

Mobile teams and high performance apps, that we know and love, use Embrace

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Step up to the modern mobile age with the best-in-class crash reporter and solver

Achieve the highest crash-free % possible

Splunk MINT Embrace
Crashes Checkmark Checkmark
ANRs Checkmark Checkmark
ANR Root Cause Detection X Checkmark
ANRs That Recover X Checkmark
Full Session Context Leading to Crash X Checkmark
Background and System Crash Detection X Checkmark
Deduplicated Crashes with Automatic Reclassification X Checkmark
Traces for Native, NDK, and JS Crashes X Checkmark
OOMs X Checkmark

Your entire org won’t use Splunk MINT, but they will love Embrace

Embrace is built for the modern mobile team and not an individual developer. Your entire organization, from engineers to QA and CS, can use the tools out of the box for observability, reproducing user sessions, and instant debugging.

  • VPs of Engineering can compare releases with any desired metric to spot improvements or regressions.
  • Mobile managers can monitor feature health with real-time dashboards.
  • CS teams can triage user complaints by first looking up users and accessing their sessions.
  • QA teams can check the health of the network when testing features before going to engineering.
  • Mobile engineers can identify, prioritize, and solve any user-impacting issue.
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Experience the power of a comprehensive mobile solution to identify, prioritize, and solve