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Jetpack Compose

The Embrace SDK injects code into your APK using a process we call “swazzling” to automatically capture taps on composables.

Enabling Jetpack Compose instrumentation


Requires Jetpack Compose dependency at build time and run time

Set Local config and swazzler block

To enable onClick instrumentation, You will need to modify your embrace-config.json file

"sdk_config": {
"compose": {
"capture_compose_onclick": true

It's also required to modify your app/build.gradle or app/build.gradle.kts file:

swazzler {

Set ProGuard rule

In order to prevent code obfuscation, the following rule must be added into pro guard-rules :

-keep class androidx.compose.ui.platform.AndroidComposeView {

Identify clickable elements

onClickLabel or contentDescription must be added to have a proper way to identify a clicked element. Remember that onClickLabel will have more priority if both properties are set.


Clickable modifier to define a label and the onClick callback:

.clickable(onClickLabel = "someTag", onClick ={...})
){ ... }

Clickable element that already defines the onClick action under the hood.

The following example shows how to add a modifier onClick to override the label but not the actual action, so for the action, it passes null:

checked = isBookmarked,
onCheckedChange ={onClick()},
modifier = modifier.semantics{
this.onClick(label = clickLabel, action = null)
){ ... }


Content description will be considered only if the element contains an OnClick modifier.

Content description can be added as part of Modifer semantics properties, but some elements take it as a parameter, such as Icon:

imageVector = if (isBookmarked) Icons.Filled.Bookmarkelse Icons.Filled.BookmarkBorder,
contentDescription = "Icon" // handled by click label of parent

Content description as Modifer semantics properties:

modifier = Modifier
.clickable(onClickLabel = "test", onClick = {
Log.d("log", "log")

If you are facing issues at runtime, we can turn off Jetpack Compose instrumentation remotely. Please, contact us: