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Push Notifications

The Embrace SDK is able to automatically capture Firebase push notifications received by your app.


Push Notifications Capture is disabled by default.

The only requirement is having embrace.useAsmTransformApi enabled, but it's enabled by default since 5.3.0. You can check that embrace.useAsmTransformApi=false is not in your

If you want to enable the Push Notifications feature, you can set instrumentFirebaseMessaging to true in your app/build.gradle file.

swazzler {
instrumentFirebaseMessaging = true

If you want to capture data from inside the notifications then you can set the config capture_fcm_pii_data to true in your embrace-config.json file inside sdk_config. This value is false by default.


If your configuration is correct, you don't need to do anything else, you are already capturing notifications automatically. They will appear in your dashboard within the user session timeline.

If you don't want the notifications to get captured automatically, then you can avoid the setup from the previous section and when you receive a notification in your code, make the following call manually:

title – the title of the notification as a string (or null)
body – the body of the notification as a string (or null)
topic – the notification topic (if a user subscribed to one), or null
id – A unique ID identifying the message
notificationPriority – the notificationPriority of the message (as resolved on the device)
messageDeliveredPriority – the priority of the message (as resolved on the server)
isNotification - a boolean indicating if it is a notification message.
hasData - a boolean indicating if the message contains payload data.
@Nullable String title,
@Nullable String body,
@Nullable String topic,
@Nullable String id,
@Nullable Integer notificationPriority,
@NotNull Integer messageDeliveredPriority,
@NotNull Boolean isNotification,
@NotNull Boolean hasData