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Command Line Tool

In order to ease the process of configuring the Xcode project for use with the Embrace SDK. We provide a CLI tool that you can use to help validate your project.

Feel free to download the tool.

By default, the package installer will install the binary into your /usr/local/bin path. This is a default location in your $PATH, so you can confirm the installation by using:

$ which embtool

$ embtool --help
OVERVIEW: A command line tool to help with Embrace integration

There are a few subcommands to be aware of when using this tool.

Project Validation

$ embtool project validate --help
$ embtool project validate <path-to-xcodeproj>

The project validate subcommand is useful to verify your project's configuration. Some examples of things it will check are:

1) the presence of an Embrace-Info.plist. 1) the presence of the Embrace Run Script build phase. 1) the configured DEBUG_INFORMATION_FORMAT build setting. 1) the validity of the Embrace API_KEY and upload EMBRACE_TOKEN.

This command is great to run when you are stuck configuring your Xcode project, or if an issue occurs and you'd like to provide context to the Embrace support team.

Project Installation

$ embtool project install --help
$ embtool project install --api-key <api-key> --token <token> <path-to-xcodeproj>

The project install subcommand is great when you are first integrating with Embrace or if your project relies on a project generation step as it builds in a CI environment. This tool will edit your .xcodeproj in order to inject the necessary configuration for use alongside the Embrace SDK. Some examples if edits it will make are:

1) Configure the DEBUG_INFORMATION_FORMAT build setting to include dsym files 1) Adding the Embrace Run Script phase used to upload dsyms

It is recommended that you run this command with a clean state in your version control system. For instance in git, stash any changes you may have made so it is very clear what changes the install command makes.

dSYM Lookup

$ embtool dsym lookup --help
$ embtool dsym lookup --scheme <my-scheme> <path-to-xcodeproj>

The dsym lookup command will search for dSYM files in your ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData directory. It is suggested to use this after a build has been made to verify the output to your expected dSYM files.

If you have many projects on your computer, its recommend to pipe the output of this command to grep to filter the output to a specific project build directory.