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Network Spans Forwarding

Diagnosing network errors doesn't need to be an opaque process with finger-pointing between mobile and backend teams.

ID every network requests

Embrace can automatically add a unique identifier to every network request your app makes. This makes it possible to trace the same request in our User Timeline and the backend monitoring service you already use.

traceparent example

We use w3c traceparents to create unique identifiers, which means they will automatically propagate through the traces products of Grafana Cloud Traces, Honeycomb, Datadog, New Relic, and others.

Analyze metadata

Additionally, Embrace can forward metadata associated with each call. Device, app version, and OS version will be properties for each traceparent-tagged call, forwarded as an OTel Span. Your backend team can use their observability tools to set up analyses and monitoring.

Embrace currently supports Network Span Forwarding for Grafana Cloud Traces, New Relic, Honeycomb and Datadog. See our guide to enabling Data Destinations to get started.