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Integration Steps

Integrating any new SDK with your application may feel like a daunting task. We’ve designed our documentation to guide you through the process as painlessly as possible. Following these steps will ensure you have a solid foundation for monitoring your application in production.

Regardless of the path you choose, you will be performing the following common steps to complete your integration:

  1. Link Embrace with your application. This is the basic technical process of getting the Embrace SDK linked with your application.
  2. Configure the iOS platform. The Embrace SDK requires setting a few basic configuration options in order to correctly build. Here you will configure the iOS platform.
  3. Configure the Android platform. Here you will configure the Android platform.
  4. Open and login to the Embrace Dashboard. Your data is available in the dashboard. It is important that you have this open while working on the integration to monitor your progress.
  5. Create your first session. This involves launching your application with Embrace linked, and verifying the data shown in the dashboard.
  6. Collect your first crash report. Here you will use Embrace to generate an intentional crash in your application so you can learn how those reports are collected and displayed.
  7. Add a breadcrumb. Learn how logging works in Embrace and how to port any existing logs you may have to the Embrace SDK.
  8. Add alerts. Use Embrace’s Log Events to power a real-time alerting system so you can rest easy knowing we will tell you if anything in your application breaks.