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Built on OpenTelemetry

The 6.x iOS SDK has been rearchitected from the foundations to support and extend OpenTelemetry for mobile. The new modular approach builds the Embrace event-based observability paradigm directly on OpenTelemetry signals, namely, Traces and Logs.

How we built it

As an example, Sessions are the core of Embrace's reproduce-and-fix approach to insights. Sessions capture everything that your app is doing while foregrounded or backgrounded, until the user starts or stops using the app. Given that Sessions take place in a given time period, with different related activities occurring in that time, it shouldn't surprise anyone OTel-aware that we model Sessions as a trace.

Whenever a Session starts, as we can see in the SessionController, a span begins that will endure until the session ends:

// from [`SessionSpanUtils`](
static func span(id: SessionIdentifier, startTime: Date) -> Span {
EmbraceOTel().buildSpan(name: spanName, type: .session)
.setStartTime(time: startTime)
.setAttribute(key: sessionIdAttribute, value: id.toString)

And if we dig in a little farther, we'll see that EmbraceOTel object exists, in part, to hold an OTel tracer:

    internal var tracer: Tracer {
instrumentationName: instrumentationName,
instrumentationVersion: instrumentationVersion)

public func buildSpan(
name: String,
type: SpanType,
attributes: [String: String] = [:]
) -> SpanBuilder {

let builder = tracer.spanBuilder(spanName: name)
key: SpanAttributeKey.type,
value: type.rawValue )

for (key, value) in attributes {
builder.setAttribute(key: key, value: value)

return builder

Because the Session is still ongoing, this span is built and we will end it later. When will the span end? When the Session itself ends.

class SessionController {
func endSession() -> Date {
let now = Date()
// end OTel span
currentSessionSpan?.end(time: now)

// ...
// upload session to Embrace

Our engineering and product teams have many ideas about Sessions and how they work within the OTel specification, or rather how they don't work presently. Despite this, we've created the tools to take this Embrace concept of Sessions and export it as opinion-free telemetry in the form of OpenTelemetry spans.

Events mapped to OTel signals

If the prior section was too in-depth, here's a handy chart of the important Embrace SDK features and how they currently map to OpenTelemetry signals:

Embrace conceptOTel Representation
Embrace logsLog
View BreadcrumbSpan
Custom BreadcrumbSpan event
Network requestSpan + Span attributes
ANR interval (Android)Span
Low memory warningSpan event