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Linking Embrace

Integrating the Embrace Apple SDK is easy using Swift Package Manager. The information below will show you how. You can also pull down the open-source repository and do this manually, if your app requires it.

Defining the SPM Package dependency

For your project, you'll want to add a package dependency in Xcode. Select File > Add Package Dependencies... and enter the repository URL into the search bar.

Be sure to set the Dependency Rule to a recent release. When "Choose Package Products for embrace-apple-sdk" appears, Xcode will add all libraries to your application by default. For the most straightforward installation, select either EmbraceIO or EmbraceIO-Dynamic to add to your application target. For all other package products, do not add these to your target by selecting None.

Explanation of Package Products

Here's a quick summary of the 3 products this package contains:

  1. EmbraceIO - This is the recommend product to install for quick integration. It provides a convenience layer over EmbraceCore to simplify the setup interface.
  2. EmbraceCore - This is the implementation of the Embrace SDK. If you'd like to customize your integration, this product allows you to.
  3. EmbraceCrash - This contains the Embrace Crash Reporter. We keep this as a separate target for those apps that may not want crash reporting enabled, or may want to use a separate crash reporter. It is included as a dependency of EmbraceIO, but not EmbraceCore.

We also distribute each product statically and dynamically. The *-Dynamic products should be used if you prefer dynamic libraries.