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Last Run End State API

This API enables customers to automatically/programmatically understand if the previous app instance ended in a crash. Depending on your use case, having the ability to query an API to understand if the previous app instance ended in a crash will enable you to adjust the behavior or UI of your app after a crash has occurred.

What do we mean by previous app instance?

A cold launch, basically. If the app gets backgrounded/resumed so a new session starts, the value returned will not change. So:

  1. App crashes
  2. App is relaunched
  3. getLastRunEndState returns "crashed"
  4. App is sent to background
  5. App is resumed, starting a new session
  6. getLastRunEndState still returns "crashed"
  7. App exits cleanly
  8. App is relaunched
  9. getLastRunEndState returns "clean exit"

Integration Steps

In order to use this feature, you will need to follow two steps:

  1. Make sure your app is using the latest version of the Embrace SDK or at least React Native SDK 3.15.0
  2. Implement the API call after starting the SDK to receive the state of the last run.
  useEffect(() => {
getLastRunEndState().then(resp => {

console.log('LastRunEndState', resp);

}, []);

Important Notes

  • The API can only be called after the SDK has been started. If a call is made prior to starting the Embrace SDK you will get a response of INVALID
  • It will return that a crash occurred if the app crashed any time since the app last came to the foreground. This includes if the app crashed while running in the background.


This feature is included in Embrace SDK version 3.15.0 and above.

Possible Values

/// Used to represent the end state of the last run of the application.
export type SessionStatus = 'INVALID' | 'CRASH' | 'CLEAN_EXIT';


If you have any questions or there’s something that is not working as intended, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.