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Tracking Components

By default, Embrace will track native views. If you'd like to track when a React component is mounted and unmounted, you can do so with the startView and endView functions.

These methods are flexible, so it's up to you as a developer to define when a view "starts" and "ends". Perhaps it's when a component is mounted and unmounted, or maybe it's when a style is applied that makes the component visible or not visible to the user.

import {startView, endView} from '@embrace-io/react-native';



There's also a logScreen function available, which will log a breadcrumb with the name of the component. This could be helpful as a lightweight option to breadcrumb which components were visible if you don't care about the duration the component was visible for. In most cases it's recommended to use startView and endView.

import {logScreen} from '@embrace-io/react-native';

// This will add a breadcrumb to the session with the following format: "Opening screen [MyView]".