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Add a Breadcrumb

Adding Context to Sessions

Embrace can collect basic session data and crashes as you've already seen in the Crash Reporting and Session Reporting sections. Embrace can also collect your logging data and include it as context within your sessions. Here's how you add a Breadcrumb to the session.

import 'package:embrace/embrace.dart';

Embrace.instance.addBreadcrumb('a test breadcrumb message');

Use breadcrumbs to track the journey of the user through your application. Try not to replicate data that would otherwise be recorded. For example, if you make a network call, Embrace can already track that, so you do not need to also make a breadcrumb for that event.


For how to best use Breadcrumbs, check out the Best Practices page.

We generally use the Breadcrumb method for our logging and not the Log Message API to add context to sessions. Breadcrumbs are a lightweight way to add logging to your session. They add no CPU or memory overhead, and trigger no networking calls. The Log Message API is a much heavier mechanism. We will learn about it in the Alerting section of the documentation. For now, just know that using Breadcrumbs is the right thing to do most of the time.