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Add React Actions tracker

Adding Context to Sessions

Embrace can collect basic session data and crashes as you've already seen in the Crash Reporting and Session Reporting sections. Embrace can also collect the redux's actions that are being dispatched and include it as context within your sessions. Here's how you add the action tracker to the session.


Currently we are only supporting the Redux SDK and others libraries that supports middleware as Saga, if you are using another library please contact us at or on Slack if you would like to request support.

Adding the component

Embrace has a separate module for tracking Redux's Actions, to use it you will need to add the Action Tracker

Install the component

yarn add @embrace-io/react-native-action-tracker
npm install @embrace-io/react-native-action-tracker

Adding the component to your code

Add the Embrace's Middleware to your middleware's list

import {applyMiddleware, compose, configureStore} from '@reduxjs/toolkit';
import {buildEmbraceMiddleware} from '@embrace-io/react-native-action-tracker';
import myReducer from './reducers/MyReducer';
import otherMiddleware from './middlewares/OtherMiddleware';

//Add the embrace middleware 'buildEmbraceMiddleware' an
const middlewareEnhancer = applyMiddleware(otherMiddleware(), buildEmbraceMiddleware());

const composedEnhancers = compose(middlewareEnhancer);

export default configureStore({
reducer: {
myReducer: myReducer,
enhancers: [composedEnhancers],