The Firebase
mobile-first companies

Firebase is a basic tool used by everyone — big or small — and
it doesn’t meet the needs of the modern mobile team. Learn
how a premium platform can report more issues alongside the
data you need to solve them.

Firebase is the first
phase of your mobile
evolution... Why stop

Do you want to compete against best-in-class mobile
apps? The mobile landscape is filled with failed apps
that lost users by not delivering exceptional
experiences. Your users are complaining, and Firebase
makes it way too difficult and time-consuming to
discover and solve issues (and not just crashes).
It is a Frankenstein of acquired tools from Google
Analytics to Firebase to Crashlytics… and it feels like

Firebase is basic.

It offers a breadth of coverage with little depth. The unique nature of mobile demands user actions and technical events alongside device data from individual sessions to reproduce and solve difficult bugs.

Firebase is not cohesive.

It is a combination of tools from Google Analytics to Firebase to Crashlytics and it feels like that.

Firebase killed the Crashlytics we know and love.

No more real-time dashboards. No more clean UI. No more data behind a crash other than a trace, and you need more than a trace to get to 99.9%.

Firebase isn’t reporting every
issue you care about… Embrace

Firebase underreports crashes and lacks coverage on issues that don’t end in a stack trace. With Embrace, uncover every issue affecting your users.

  • Better crash coverage. Get the data to classify and solve crashes that other tools miss, including how slow, blocking, missing, failing, and out of order elements directly impact performance.
  • Advanced ANR detection. Freezes and stutters can lead to user churn without crashing the app. Discover where your app causes users to rage tap or abandon purchases.
  • Discover and fix failing web views. They no longer are a black box with more web view insights including automatic reloading when they fail.
mobile user session insights

Trusted by top mobile companies

Full play-by-play

of every user session

Embrace is holistic

With Embrace, know the true health of your app, which is derived from all performance and stability issues that affect the user experience. Easily monitor entire releases or individual features to spot regressions instantly.

Embrace is comprehensive

Embrace is built to solve the toughest mobile issues by giving you all of the metrics a mobile developer needs in one place. Find all crash, stability, and performance insights, conveniently connected to every user’s individual sessions.

Enterprise-scale with infinite

Embrace is built for the modern mobile team and not the mass of individual developers. Via one SDK and one platform, consolidate your tooling and empower your entire organization with easy data access for their needs.

  • VPs of Engineering can compare releases with any desired metric to spot improvements or regressions.
  • Mobile managers can monitor feature health with real-time dashboards.
  • CS teams can triage user complaints by first looking up users and accessing their sessions.
  • QA teams can check the health of the network when testing features before going to engineering.
  • Mobile engineers can identify, prioritize, and solve any user-impacting issue.

Privacy-focused from the start…
Google is not

Firebase is Google, and the privacy of your users is very much secondary to the alluring collection of rich user data for targeted advertising. With Embrace, you get a platform built for the singular purpose of helping your team ship better apps.

  • We are GDPR compliant and do not collect or store any PII and are private by default.
  • We are 100% aligned to you and your users. We only capture the technical data needed to solve mobile issues for your application. We’re not interested in funneling user data for targeted advertising.

Embrace is how you make mobile mission-critical.

Understand what people need to fall in love with the things you build.
Go bigger, move faster, and don’t break things. With Embrace.