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Mobile app entertainment that never glitches

Bugs, stutters, and crashes take your audience out of the
action, sending their attention elsewhere. Build more
engaging, highly-optimized apps with a high-fidelity view into
every user session.

From breaking news to series
premieres, always deliver your
best performance

When your user experience matters most, don’t let edge cases and unknown issues take your audience out of the moment. With 100% unsampled user session data, you can get a high-fidelity look at the entire user experience that allows you to intelligently group and surface spikes for crashes and issues and seamlessly pivot to see if the root causes are due to poor network connectivity, bad third-party code, low battery, or more with a complete play-by-play of the user journey.

Ensure revenue-impacting ads
and new features are delivered
without delay

Ensure ad delivery, improve retention, and ship smooth releases with real-time visibility into performance issues across versions, feature releases, and segments before wider release. Identify spikes in errors, ANRs, crashes, and more with top-level dashboards and proactive alerting without manually adding in breadcrumbs. Quickly spot root causes with a complete, out-of-the-box user session timeline that includes every technical and behavioral detail leading up to the issue.

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Case Study

Kumu uses Embrace to eliminate
networking issues and thrive in the
social livestreaming space

Embrace’s Network Monitoring and User Session Insights empower Kumu to look up user complaints and immediately identify whether they stem from poor network connection or the application. With this information, Kumu can deliver better user experiences while reducing their issue resolution times.

Visualize mobile data alongside
your other systems and
environments to drive better
development, product, and
marketing decisions

When on-demand experiences glitch, streaming pauses, or an ad isn’t showing, viewers take notice. Clearly see non-fatal errors, misbehaving first- and third-party SDKs, and every image error and network call that may be impacting ad clicks, critical user flows, and total screen time. Use Embrace’s Metrics API, Metrics Forwarding, and out-of-the-box integrations (with Datadog, Grafana, and more) to visualize these mobile insights alongside product and marketing analytics to improve performance and drive more adoption, retention, and revenue.




Embrace is how you make mobile mission-critical.

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