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Open source. Vendor neutral. Fully extensible.

Embrace's open-source SDKs leverage our unique expertise of mobile user experiences to give engineers a mechanism for transparent, portable, and extensible data collection that adheres to the OpenTelemetry standard.

Extensible instrumentation, specialized for mobile

Monitor any early performance risks with Embrace’s OTel instrumentation for mobile apps via our SDKs. These let you capture signals that are critical for maintaining a highly performant app – like crashes, ANRs, and UI activity – as standard OTel data types. 

Plus, you can customize what you want to capture beyond our default instrumentation options with fully-supported SDK extensibility. That means you can broaden the functionality of the SDK to collect unique data points that are important for your app, enrich your telemetry data in ways that matter to you, and instrument 3rd party libraries and frameworks that you rely on to also emit telemetry. 

A portable, vendor-agnostic approach to give you true data freedom

OpenTelemetry’s inherent interoperability across systems means you can take your data with you wherever you go. Our SDKs do the work of collecting your app’s critical mobile  signals – it’s up to you where you choose to send that data, whether to our dashboard or your own external systems. 

That means you can finally say goodbye to vendor lock-in in favor of an open system with wide community support and true data freedom. 

Use our analysis tools or send the data to your observability backend

Use our OTel SDKs in combination with the Embrace platform to get detailed context into your end users’ mobile experience. Our advanced analysis tools, custom dashboard capabilities, and full user session timeline give you the insight you need to make sense of your data.

Alternatively, you have the freedom to analyze your data wherever you choose. Just connect Embrace to any Otel collector to receive context-rich mobile data in the form of metrics, logs, traces, and events. Forward these on to your observability backend for full visibility into your entire system. 

Enterprise-ready and commercially supported, so you can rest easy

You don’t have to choose between the flexibility of an open source product and the reliability of a commercially supported one. Get the best of both worlds with Embrace. 

Our SDKs are open-source to give engineering teams transparent, portable data collection, while our data backend and analysis platform is fully enterprise-supported so larger orgs can be confident in their adoption of secure and reliable observability software.

Ready to take a look for yourself? Check out our Github repos:

Getting started

OTel Tutorials

Learn how to integrate Embrace, instrument your app, and start sending mobile telemetry to an observability backend.

Follow our OTel development journey

March 2024

iOS SDK is available with OpenTelemetry exporter for logs and traces.

April 2024

Android SDK is available with OpenTelemetry exporter for logs and traces.

June 2024

Unity, React Native, and Flutter SDKs are available with OpenTelemetry exporter for logs and traces.

July 2024

iOS and Android SDKs support OpenTelemetry metrics export.

August 2024

Unity, React Native, and Flutter SDKs support OpenTelemetry metrics export. 




We're going Open Source!

We’re excited to announce that we’re open-sourcing our developer SDKs! Our Android SDK is now fully open source on Github, with our iOS SDK being added in January 2024.

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What is OpenTelemetry?

Learn about the open-source observability framework, how it works in mobile engineering, and the advantages afforded to developers that leverage open-source tools.

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