Make your app stable and faster through automated analysis of each and every user session

Complete Visibility

We capture all of your apps errors and performance issues.

Most issues are not crashes — but to the user when the app closes or gets stuck, the experience feels like a crash and the word “crash” is what they use to complain. True crashes comprise less than 1% of in-app errors and your team spends all of their time on them. Instead, you should be prioritizing all the other issues. Embrace helps by detecting when a user has a poor experience and replaying what led up to that user churning, complaining or not purchasing.

Crashes, freezes, super slow, spinner of death, no connectivity, network call error, out of memory, low power, CPU pegging

One platform for Error Detection + Logging + Crashes + Performance + Session Replay

User Session Lookup & Replay

Look up any user and replay any session.

Every device is a user. Unlike web and server monitoring where a snapshot (stack trace or error log) is all you need to diagnose a problem, in mobile development you need the technical and user events that led up to the crash, error and complaint.

Sample User

No Sampling

Embrace stores every user session — good or bad.

Only by storing and analyzing every session can sub-optimal experiences and errors (including crashes) be detected and diagnosed.

Session Stitching

Embrace is the only platform that displays user sessions correctly, so you can see how your app actually ran.

The immediate session, that other tools provide, is just not helpful. What you need is to see what led up to any issue (even for a crash,) and the issue often occurs from a previous use of the app. In other words, your app does not stop running when entering background, and a session shouldn't be defined as foreground-to-background. Embrace stitches sessions so you get the full and real picture.

Sample User Timeline

Monitoring & Alerts

A complete toolset for mobile monitoring and alerts.

Because Embrace tracks every user session, we know when things are broken faster than any other tool. We monitor the entire app from crashes to networking to broken funnels, and alert engineers and the product owners differently with the information they need to react and prioritize.


Recommendations and Insights

Proactive Detection of where your app is breaking.

With the set of real user impacting errors, session characteristics and replays, Embrace detects and analyzes what is causing poor experiences to your users and affecting your KPIs. Stop spending time coding on things that just don’t matter and start focusing on the bug fixes and optimizations that matter.

A single APM platform for mobile.
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