Let’s bring modern observability to mobile

Understand real customer impact – not just impact at the edge of the datacenter – with the only observability solution built to unite frontend mobile telemetry with backend performance data. OTel-compliant, real-world ready. Let’s level up our observability game together.

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Mobile OTel Standardization

Adopt a mobile data model that’s standardized for OpenTelemetry

Unified Observability

Follow signals through your entire tech stack for a truly unified observability view

Open Source vs. Embrace PRO

Maintain control of your data with fully open source options to use Embrace

Why Embrace?

The days of siloed tools that don’t share a common set of telemetry are over.

DevOps and SRE teams can now extend the practice of advanced, modern observability to their mobile development teams, and in return gain a higher fidelity picture of what is happening with their valued users.

We’ve worked with countless mobile teams reaching millions globally. But while mobile dev teams obsess about their users, the legacy observability tech landscape has left users behind, favoring infrastructure over experience. User-level data is essential for true full-stack observability, and here at Embrace, we’re making critical frontend insights accessible to the entire development org with a common workflow built on open industry standards. We are embracing all developers, just like our company name always intended.

Bringing observability to mobile

Embrace empowers DevOps and SRE leaders by integrating mobile data into the full stack observability platforms they already use via interoperable, OTel-ready SDKs. By bridging the gap that has traditionally left mobile data accessible only to mobile teams, Embrace connects developers’ actions directly to end-user experiences and KPIs. Finally – know exactly how issues on the backend affect mobile users.

A common language and workflow

True user performance hinges on both frontend and backend observability. Embrace provides a common touchpoint, ensuring a seamless understanding of end-user impact and health. Our platform fosters a cohesive workflow, allowing SREs and DevOps to understand end-user impact while giving mobile developers the tools to proactively identify and resolve issues before they affect valuable users.

The result is upscaling your entire organization to a modern, collaborative team where mobile engineers embody the sophistication and practices of advanced observability teams. Embrace unites development teams around a standardized, open-source language. We lower costs, improve identification and resolution times, and remove isolation between teams.


Built on OpenTelemetry

Embrace supports the first OpenTelemetry SDKs specialized for mobile. Any developer or DevOps team can adopt Embrace’s OTel SDKs to gather the data needed to modernize their stack with a mobile-first approach. Embrace’s SDKs can be used independently or with our backend services for deeper insights, staying true to our mission of empowering developers.

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Embrace testimonials Embrace testimonials

Embrace is the best monitoring solution we’ve found for our mobile games. The depth of insights they provide allows us to understand which issues to address and gives us the data our teams need to solve them. We can make better decisions for our business and users because of our partnership with Embrace.

Bruno Dreux

Director of Engineering Operations

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Bruno Dreux
Embrace testimonials Embrace testimonials

Embrace has helped our team identify the source of issues, understand their impact, and ultimately solve them much more quickly and effortlessly than with previous tools.

Dom Scandinaro

SVP of Engineering & Data

Dom Scandinaro
Embrace testimonials Embrace testimonials

Embrace provides Ibotta with the tools to quickly identify and fix issues so we can reliably deliver great user experiences.

Scott Lemke

Distinguished Engineer

Scott Lemke
Embrace testimonials Embrace testimonials

Embrace has helped RV LIFE analyze crash paths to discover hard to diagnose bugs. It has also helped us identify libraries and third party code that was causing bad user experiences.

Kurt Anderson

Deputy Director of Technology

Kurt Anderson
Embrace testimonials Embrace testimonials

Black Friday is one of the most important events of the year. We use Embrace to monitor our platform and troubleshoot any problems while the live event is going on.

Chris To

VP of Technology

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Chris To

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