We make each user’s experience better

Embrace was born out of the need for a proactive approach to making mobile users happy. Our founding and investing team faced this challenge daily as we built and ran mobile experiences and services, including Parse, Burstly / Testflight, Lookout, MoPub, Walking Dead, Yahtzee, Whisper, and Tinder.

We landed on the name "Embrace" because Mobile Teams, particularly developers, are under served:

  • Almost all existing tools available to Mobile Teams are focused on feature analytics and marketing. The only tool sets built specifically for mobile developers are for crashes;
  • Crashes are solved. In fact, in the case of the web, we have reached the point where we don't even think about them and rely on tools beyond crashes. But in mobile, the analogs for those web tools outside of crashes do not exist; and
  • Mobile is still in the early innings. The knowledge bases, benchmarks, and support systems that should exist for Mobile Teams do not — yet.

We — mobile teams — are often handed a badly-built SDK and are blamed when it doesn't work. We are given an ever-shifting set of analytics events that take a ton of time to work through. We have development and release cycles on a very different cadence. What we don't have are tools built for mobile and designed to solve mobile problems, and that stinks.

Mobile Teams should be treated with the support they deserve especially given the utmost importance of their work. The Embrace team has felt the pain building and running mobile apps, like Yahtzee and Walking Dead. We all recall feeling blind ... when a user complained or when we experienced an issue using our own apps.

It is painful to look down at your own app and view a broken purchase, a video not loading, or a frozen startup. Each time one of us had a poor experience, we would walk our iPhone, MotoX, Pixel, or G7 to an engineering lead, show them our screen, and more often than not receive a shrug in response.

The engineers would acknowledge the issue, but either say they lacked the tools to gain visibility into the issue, or that investigating the issue meant hours digging through ill-suited feature-focused analytics and logging tools — both huge time sucks with little predictability for the expected outcome.

Why can't I just look the user up, pick a session, and see what the $!&# is going on?

Embrace lives by the fact that each device is an individual user, and only by tracking and analyzing each user's experiences (good or bad) can we identify improvements. What that means for mobile teams is that now we can lookup a user, pick a session, see what went well or poorly, and understand what the $%!* is going on!

With the tons of user data thrown off by mobile phones, Embrace helps mobile teams solve real problems proactively. We find ROI improvements and road map changing insights (and are not just another source of data).

Think of us as an extension of you and your mobile team that provides everything from c-level insights and benchmarks, to intelligent diagnosis of issues that plague mobile teams and are otherwise unanswered or, worse, missed.

We have built a company, team and technology that we — the Embrace team — wish we had when releasing and growing our own apps. We love providing insights that help Mobile Teams create the best possible experiences for users, and themselves.

We look forward to partnering with you!

signed Christine, Frederic, and Eric

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Pritzker Group Venture Capital

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Tikhon Bernstam
Parse & Scribd
John Hering
Kevin Weatherman
VP of BD MoPub & OneSignal
Paul Bricault
Amplify.LA & Greycroft
Richard Wolpert
HelloTech & RealNetworks
Chris Cunningham
C2 Ventures
Eric DelBalso
Serial Angel
Eric Schiffer
CEO, 99 Cents Only Stores
Shamin Rostami
BAM Ventures
Evan Rifkin
Burstly / Testflight
Walter Driver
Herman Yang
VP of Product MoPub
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Paul Oliver
Wider Wake
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Serial Angel
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iNovia Capital
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