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Optimize your mobile app for end user delight by tracking early performance risks across your user flows. Embrace’s SDKs are open source and built on Open telemetry, so you can send your data to an observability backend and pinpoint the exact origin of performance drains across your tech stack.

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Instrument flexible, custom performance traces around any of your app’s user flows

Get full visibility into any customized operation you’d like to track with our Pro Performance Tracing. Using a system of OpenTelemetry-based spans and traces that you can instrument around your source code – as well as first and third-party libraries – you’ll be able to spot bottlenecks in your app’s architecture, simplify debugging, and ultimately deliver a better experience to your end users. 

Enrich your performance traces with custom attributes and events, and view these traces with their associated metadata within the context of a full User Timeline of events.

Send your performance traces to an observability backend for full visibility across the stack

Connect the dots between your frontend, backend, and microservices to understand where user-impacting issues are originating in your tech stack. Because Embrace’s SDKs are open source and fully OpenTelemetry-compliant, you can forward your mobile front-end trace data to an observability backend and fill in the missing pieces of true end-to-end performance insight. 

Identify where excessive resource use is hurting your app’s performance

Embrace’s Pro Dashboard lets you isolate any user sessions that contain low-memory warnings, out-of-memory exits, and user force-quits that may be related to an app’s excessive use of device resources. Our advanced filters let you correlate these events with other conditions and attributes, like geography or network type, that influence overall app state. Plus, you can view these issues within the full timeline of technical events and behavioral actions to interrogate resourcing problems with full context.

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Embrace showed us the business impact of our slow booking time and helped pinpoint the culprit. We reduced our average booking time from 20 seconds to just 5 seconds, and our bookings increased by 3% after resolving this issue.

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