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Mobile’s first generation felt this pain and built Embrace for you: Testflight Mopub, a Twitter Company Scopely Lookout

Stop guessing and find out why: Reproduce any user's session, see the seconds and minutes before the error

Embrace never samples — We track every user so you can see all the technical details of any session (good or bad). Quickly see if it’s your code, user error, an SDK, a network call, or just a poor connection. Embrace never samples so you can see every one of your users.

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We capture all of your app’s errors.

For every user crash, nine users have an experience with the effect of a crash.

88.9% of sessions are clean
10.2% of sessions are bad
0.9% of sessions crash
Crashes, freezes, super slow, spinner of death, no connectivity, network call error, out of memory, low power, CPU pegging

Case Study Headspace

Headspace was receiving feedback from users that they were having issues making payments for subscriptions. With Embrace, their QA and engineers looked up a user, found unexpected network activity, and fixed the error. Headspace then found all the users (even those who didn't complain) with the same issue.

Instead of digging through all my other analytics and error logging tools, Embrace provided the complete monitoring platform that let me discover and solve my users’ problems super quickly. I am glad Embrace is finally building app performance monitoring with only mobile in mind.

M. Taube
Lead iOS Engineer, Headspace

The metrics you need across your users to improve your apps.

Consider us the expert analyst in your pocket — benchmark against other apps and ask us any question for deep insights. We help to prioritize your roadmap for higher LTVs, better user experiences, and a happier mobile team.

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You Can't Improve What You Don't Measure

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Wish you could monitor more than simply crashes? Let us show you what you have been missing.

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