We make finding and fixing errors on mobile too easy.

With Embrace, mobile teams find every error, accurately recreate every session on command, and fix bugs in minutes not days.

Used by outstanding mobile teams

All Trails

And processed over

1.7 Trillion

Network calls

10 Billion


20 Billion



Embrace is Proactive

We find problems before your users report them

Whether an unsolved crash, a bug in the checkout flow, or a startup that takes too long, Embrace finds issues and helps fix them right away. Proactively detect and prioritize issues instead of reactively triaging customer complaints.


Embrace is a Time Machine

Reproduce any bug or complaint on demand

Stop wasting hours trying to recreate a customer (or boss's) complaint or a bug. Embrace automatically tracks every event for every session so no potential issue can be thought of as a mystery.


Embrace is Built for Mobile - Only

Traditional logging and analytics tools don't cut it

Mobile is compiled code, running on a device, out in the wild. Your tools shouldn’t be stretched by supporting desktop, server, and cloud. Embrace is the only toolset with mobile-first context: track every view/activity, tap, log, network request, memory, CPU and more by individual session or as aggregate trends… don’t miss what you should know.


We discovered over $500,000 in lost subscription revenue when Embrace showed us a network endpoint error invisible to our server-side monitoring tool.

M. Taube, Lead iOS Engineer, Headspace

Why mobile needs a specialized toolset


I don’t have a lot of crashes

Even if you have a great crash-free rate, you may be overlooking critical problems. Freezes, out of memory errors, and stalled screens all feel like crashes to your users even if they aren’t being caught by your crash reporting tool. Embrace lets you see all these issues so you can fix them.


I have existing tools

Embrace is the only platform that lets you follow your users’ journeys with as much information and context as possible. You’ll be able to fix unsolved crashes and previously unseen issues by having logging, network monitoring, session timelines, alerting, and more in one place.


I have a 5 star rating

That’s great! But does that take into account the frustrated users who silently uninstalled your app and moved on? Use Embrace to troubleshoot errors and fix them right away instead of counting on your users to tell you why they were frustrated.