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Reduce User Churn

Lookup Any User,
Replay Any Session

Improve Time to Resolution
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Your mobile teams are overwhelmingly focused on "crashes",
and yet your users are still complaining…

At last, the ability to address issues beyond crashes that are harming your users’ experience.

Stop guessing: Reproduce any user's session, see the seconds and minutes before any crash or error

Embrace never samples — We track every user so you can see all the technical details of any session (good or bad). Quickly see if an issue is an exception, an "Out-Of-Memory" abrupt close (OOM, CPU, or ANR), a freeze, user error, a bad network call, or a poor connection.

We capture all of your app’s errors

For every user crash, nine users have an experience with the effect of a crash.
Think abrupt app closes, performance issues, app abandonment, and spinners of death.

1.9% of sessions exit abruptly
0.2% of sessions crash
Crashes, freezes, super slow, spinner of death, no connectivity, network call error, out of memory, low power, CPU pegging

Case Study Headspace

Headspace was receiving feedback from users who were having trouble making payments for subscriptions.

Instead of digging through my analytics and error logging tools, Embrace let me discover and solve my users’ subscription issues super quickly. I am excited that Embrace is finally building a complete mobile-focused performance and monitoring solution.

M. Taube
Lead iOS Engineer, Headspace

Proactive Recommendations and Insights

You don’t need another source of data… What you need are no-brainer data-driven recommendations. Embrace delivers benchmarks to understand potential opportunities and analyzes every user session to detect improvements that prioritize the team’s time and your roadmaps for higher LTVs and productivity.

With Embrace, an eCommerce app improved their bad sessions by over 35% and cut "OOMs" in half

  •  Crash
  •  OOM
  •  User Terminated

*Bad sessions defined as crashes, "OOMs" and user terminations.

A single, unified app health and optimization platform focused only on mobile

Code Crashes
(Wrap Crashlytics or use Ours)

User Lookup & Replays

Network Monitoring

Performance Optimization

Memory & CPU Crashes

Flow Analysis & Abandonment

(Health Metrics)



Your users experience 10x as many broken experiences than crashes.
Let Embrace show you what you have been missing.