Resolve user-impacting issues faster

Unlock the insights you need to resolve every type of crash, error, ANR, and handled exception affecting your app. Embrace’s Pro Dashboard helps you make sense of high-volume mobile issue data with advanced analysis tools, opinionated grouping, and real user context for 100% of sessions – so you can spend less time debugging and more time building great features.

Identify, prioritize, and resolve crashes like a Pro

Surface critical crashes without sifting through hundreds of stack traces, logs, and breadcrumbs with Embrace’s Pro crash reporting. Get to the root cause of any and every crash fast, with smart crash groupings, custom crash tagging rules, and a sequential timeline view of every technical and behavioral detail leading up to a crash. Plus, correlate crashes with other critical attributes, like app version, user geography, device type, and memory warnings to better prioritize pervasive issues. 

Because we capture 100% of all sessions, you can gauge the full impact of a single issue across your user base, so you can adequately prioritize what to resolve and deep-dive into any individual session to replicate its user steps.

Tackle Android-specific ANRs with the most advanced tool on the market

Resolve even the most complex ANRs with tooling that gives you what others can’t: high-volume sampling, intelligent grouping techniques, and hyper-granular analysis. 

When an ANR happens, Embrace’s SDK takes stack trace samples of the blocked thread before, during, and after the event is over, thus providing you with an unrivaled level of detail to spot the patterns causing blockage.Use our analysis tools within the dashboard to:

  • Quickly isolate patterns among many sampled methods
  • Easily spot code-level issues within individual methods
  • View an ANR within the context of a full User Timeline of events
  • Directly identify problematic SDKs, such as ad SDKs, causing ANRs
  • Resolve your Google Play Console ANRs to improve your ranking

Analyze platform-specific exceptions for your Unity and Flutter layers

Get insight into issues happening in both the native and framework layers of your app’s code with Embrace. Flutter engineers can analyze Dart stack traces for every Flutter exception, while Unity devs can take advantage of C# symbolication to debug Unity errors. Plus, ANR support is available for Android apps built on top of both Unity and Flutter, with dedicated C# flame graphs for in-depth troubleshooting of ANRs within your game. 

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I need to get to the impact as soon as possible. With Embrace, we can isolate new crash patterns to the devices they affect and put out a hotfix for them.

Jarrod Holiday

Engineering Manager

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Jarrod Holiday

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