Retrace the entire user journey with the Mobile User Timeline

Recreate 100% of user sessions with a full trail of technical and behavioral events. Retrace the steps leading up to an issue with full context of the user’s journey. Eliminate the need to constantly reproduce bugs manually, so you can build and deploy with greater confidence.

Replicate every issue with real, production-level user data

Stop wasting time cobbling together logs, analytics and crash reports to investiage an issue. With Embrace’s User Timeline, you can get to the root cause faster with a single timeline view of every technical and behavioral event leading up to a crash or error. Plus, you can go beyond user behavior with insight into changing environments and device diagnostics woven into each timeline, allowing you to identify and replicate any issue — and ultimately resolve it faster. 

Enrich your understanding of the mobile user journey with logs, breadcrumbs, and traces

Instrument custom traces, logs, and events into your code and watch as they fill in the details of your user’s true experience on your app. Ensure you’re not only capturing technical, but behavioral, triggers of potential issues by enriching your session data. All of this is visible within the User Timeline for 100% of sessions – so you’ll never miss a critical detail. 

Achieve full visibility while maintaining your user’s privacy

Problem-solve with confidence and compliance. Embrace does not collect or store any PII, and we provide enterprise-level features like role-based access control to help you protect your app data within larger engineering orgs.   

Embrace testimonials Embrace testimonials

Accessing individual user journeys and the user sessions is so far beyond what I’m used to getting. Embrace allows us to understand why things are going wrong, not just that things have gone wrong. The difference is crucial for actually solving issues.

Tim Chilvers

Head of Mobile

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Tim Chilvers

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