Embrace’s iOS and Android SDKs are now built on OpenTelemetry!

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E-commerce & Retail

Create a seamless mobile shopping experience

Optimize every image, payment flow, and more with
unparalleled insights into issues impacting your shoppers
paired with every detail needed to resolve them rapidly.

Get to the bottom of cart
abandonments and stalls with
the full user journey from
foreground to background

Identify how image errors, poor network connectivity, and app version could all be contributing to cart abandonment and lower average order values that BI and product analytics tools alone cannot discover. Get to the true root cause(s) of abandonments and more with the full user journey of every technical and behavioral detail that led to an issue completely out-of-the-box, without cobbling together logs, stack traces, and breadcrumbs.

Surface revenue-impacting
issues that matter with
intelligent groupings and
advanced filtering

From push notification to checkout, there could be dozens of high-priority issues and stack traces to consider when assessing severity. Embrace uses high-fidelity unsampled data to intelligently surface and pinpoint which issues you should focus on based on frequency and common issue attributes like version, methods, architecture, and advanced segments like network requests for your most important user flows.

Smartphones showing GOAT mobile app
Case Study

GOAT uses Embrace to remain
99.99% crash-free amidst record
traffic on Black Friday

Traditional mobile monitoring tools lacked the metrics and information needed to efficiently troubleshoot issues, especially during live events. GOAT engineers needed a solution to help them identify and solve issues quickly.

Handle the busiest times of the
year with confidence

Get real-time proactive alerting and a top-level view across crashes, user terminations, ANRs, errors, and much more when traffic and engagement spike without manually adding in breadcrumbs. Quickly go from customer complaint to complete session detail in seconds with PII-compliant user ID lookups.

Identify and close revenue leaks
that hurt your bottom line

Clearly see non-fatal errors, misbehaving first- and third-party SDKs, and every image error and network call that may be impacting impulse upsells, critical user flows, and total average order value.




Embrace is how you make mobile mission-critical.

Understand what people need to fall in love with the things you build.
Go bigger, move faster, and don’t break things. With Embrace.