Elevating the mobile logs game with more data, better user context, and OpenTelemetry

Traditional logging tools miss the mark for mobile engineers who need more detail and better, actionable data. With Embrace’s OpenTelemetry Logs in Context, engineers now get the full scope of logging resources they need to effectively troubleshoot their issues. 

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How the Embrace iOS team performs releases (open source vs. build in public)

Learn how the Embrace iOS team decided to open source versus build in public as well as what their CI/CD process is for delivering new SDK releases into the public repo.

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Custom Dashboards

Historical look-back now available for Embrace Custom Dashboards

Embrace's Custom Dashboards now let customers analyze long-term trends in their app's health and performance with the new historical look-back feature. Explore a time frame for any datapoints captured by the Metrics API, which now powers these dashboards to allow for even greater analysis capabilities.

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