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15 minute installation - Your app auto-instrumented - Try all features for 14 days


Starts at $0 per month

Monitoring and logging for debug and QA

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  • All Features listed below
  • Lookup every user with visual timeline of every session
  • Unlimited logging and network monitoring
  • Unlimited users and sessions
  • Dedicated private slack channel


Starts at $1000 per month

Reveal and recreate every error once the app is live

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All features in Development tier plus

  • Unlimited logging and network monitoring in production
  • Unlimited users and sessions in production
  • Key flow performance and stability
  • Feature-release comparison and health dashboards
  • Feature stability and health dashboards
  • 1 custom insight report delivered weekly


Custom pricing

Comprehensive platform designed for your unique team and apps

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All features in Live tier plus

  • Industry benchmarks across all KPIs (not just crashes)
  • Deep data-dives into key metrics (ex. power consumption)
  • 2+ custom insights reports delivered weekly
  • Professional analytic services and QBRs
  • Security Compliance
  • API access
  • Custom license terms (MSA, SLA)
  • 14+ days data history

*If you are a startup, let us know. As a YC company and mobile devs, we love to advise and support growth.

Full-Service Support with No Volume-Based Pricing

Our mission is to improve every user’s mobile experience, whether the end-user or the developer. Our approach is predicated on alignment with your objectives and actually helping you achieve them.

  • We do not price on volume. Unlike our competitors, we believe every session matters. That’s why we don’t do volume-based pricing. You shouldn’t limit the events and logs sent just to make a price point.

  • Full-service for everyone. Developer toolsets are faceless and built for the tail. You have questions and hunches and need someone to ask. Our customers ask us a ton of questions directly via Slack! For us, questions are product feedback so the more the merrier.

Embrace is the Built-for-Mobile Difference

Find Every Type of Error

Proactively reveal all user-impacting errors - not just crashes

Embrace Other Logging Tools Other Monitoring Tools
Crash Reporting
Application Not Responding (ANR) Detection
Out-of-Memory Close Detection
Force Terminations by Users Detection
Network Error Detection
Full Replays of Any Error
Every User & Session for Any Error
Error Distributions by Device Model and OS
Early Warning Indicators
Correlations of Error by View or Activity
Support for Crashlytics
ANR Recoveries Detection
Benchmarks Against Other Apps
Notifications & Alerts
Recreate Every Session

Look back in time to and view all the user and technical events for every session (development or live) in one User Timeline

Embrace Other Logging Tools Other Monitoring Tools
Comprehensive Visual Timeline and Activity Log
User Lookup by ID, Email, or Username
User Flows (Paths and Taps) Throughout the Session
Every Network Call Displayed in Parallel by Start/End Times
Every Log & Breadcrumb Displayed
Screenshots at Critical Moments
'Stitched' Sessions
Notifications and Tray-Open Detection
Connectivity Switches
Connection Quality Detection
CPU Pegging, Memory Warnings, and Power Issues Detection and Durations
ANRs Displayed from Beginning to End
ANRs that Recover Displayed from Beginning to End
Unique URLs for QA and Error Tracking
Automatic Session Data Capture
Mobile-First Logging and Breadcrumbs

Every Log searchable by user, OS, device, or property

Embrace Other Logging Tools Other Monitoring Tools
Error, Warning, & Info Logs
Breadcrumbs for Individual Session Context
Filter Down to One User’s Logs
Set Properties and Filter by Keys and Values
See All Sessions for a Log, Property Key or Value
View All Logs and Breadcrumbs Together for Any Session
Stacktraces at the Time of Log
Screenshots at the Time of Log
Distributions of Device, OS, and Key Health Metrics
Notification & Alerts
Monitor Every Network Endpoint

Connect your 1st Party, CDN, or 3rd party API errors with the actual impact to your users

Embrace Other Logging Tools Other Monitoring Tools
Network Monitoring by Endpoint
Connect Errors to Actual User Impact
View All 1st and 3rd Party Network Calls for Every Session
See the Body of a Network Call
Detect Latency and 4xx, 5xx Errors
Detect Client-Side Errors
Anomaly Detection for Hard-to-Find Errors
Recreate Any Session for Any Network Error
gRPC Support
GraphQL Support
Notifications and Alerts
Flow Performance Optimization

Reveal which critical moments of your app are freezing, abandoned for taking too long, or just broken

Embrace Other Logging Tools Other Monitoring Tools
Measure Time Distributions for Completed Moments
Detect Abandonment of Critical Flows
Detect Freezes of Critical Flows
Filter by Users and Property Keys and Values
Screenshots of Freezes and Slow Flows
Benchmark by Version, OS, and Devices
Benchmark Against Other Apps
See Every User for Any Flow or Bucket of Time
Recreate Any Session and View the Flow of Events and Moments
Customizable Real-Time Health Dashboards

Replace the fixed graphs focused on crashes or logs with a dashboard customized for the errors and metrics that matter to you

Embrace Other Logging Tools Other Monitoring Tools
Build and Visualize Any Error Type, KPI, or SLA
Monitor Network Endpoints and Errors
View by Graphs or Ordered Lists
Pre-filter by User Segment, Device, OS, Version or Property
Overlay Unique Users, Count of Sessions or Devices to Understand Severity
Click Any Graph to Start Diagnosis via Timelines
Display on TV
Proactive Insights and Industry Benchmarks

Prioritize proactively with deep insights delivered to you and industry benchmarks of error rates (not just crashes)

Embrace Other Logging Tools Other Monitoring Tools
Benchmarks by Error Type Against Similar Apps
Proactive Insights Delivered via Slack
Uncover Network Errors with Anomaly Detection
API Access to Session Level Data
A full-service approach for everyone and not just the enterprise

An expert to ask questions, uncover insights, and help find answers. Not all data can be displayed or uncovered in a dash

Embrace Other Logging Tools Other Monitoring Tools
Dedicated Slack Channel for Every Team
Analyst Assigned to Every Team
Reports Built Upon Request for Deeper Analyses
Ask a Question and We’ll Answer
Proactive Insights Delivered as we Dig through the Data

Frequently Asked Questions

The initial implementation of Embrace takes only 15 minutes. Add the SDK, identify your users, and send us one log. We collect all information from views/activities to network calls to memory automatically. After the initial implementation, enhance the integration by simply adding Logs, User Identifiers and app performance Moments. (Questions - Slack us!)

No. Video recording of a user’s mobile experience is creepy. Embrace was built to automatically recreate the user and technical events within a session, because identifying poor experiences is impossible without tracking the healthy ones. We get as close to video as possible without collecting identifiable information or crossing the boundaries of a user’s privacy.

Yes, Embrace is built for GDPR compliance. At its core, the Embrace platform focuses on each and every user. With Embrace, unlike other tools, you can look up any user and review every session. Embrace complies with users’ GDPR-related requests and maintains compliance, including user deletion, sensitive data exclusion, and data export.

We are built for the enterprise and take privacy and security extremely seriously. We do not intake any personally identifiable information (PII) unless expressly and voluntarily sent to us by you via the app. We also provide secure login methods, including two-factor auth, SAML and permissions.

We want you to have the best product experience possible and want our model to align with your needs. Logs, events and errors are “developer context” and only make Embrace more useful, while reducing releases required to fix bugs. Asking you to pay more to track more errors is contradictory to our partnership with you; you should never think about sending us less data.

Embrace has two additional types of charges. (i) For those customers who appreciate an extra level of care, we do provide deeper insights and custom reports. (ii) Those features that require data intensity and have correlated costs, like an accessible API and some 3rd party integrations.

Insights are complete visibility into your app, where users are dropping, where the app is breaking, which users aren’t able to purchase or start a stream… any why. Embrace proactively sends insights to your team via Slack and email so you can quickly find and fix troubling errors.

Currently, mobile developers have only one benchmark - crash-free-sessions percentage. To actually prioritize effectively, we benchmark your app against similar apps and across versions of your app for all types of errors (not just crashes) and leading indicators of errors (like low-memory warnings).

Only you and your team. We share benchmarks, including startup times and bad session percentages, with other app developers anonymously and in aggregate. We only share names when all parties agree.

Yes! We love startups and the feedback is invaluable. Contact us and we’ll help you get started!