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Embrace turns complex mobile data into action. By collecting comprehensive session-level data for each and every user experience, Embrace extracts powerful insights to fuel your growth.

Drive your aspirations of high-velocity teams and optimal user experiences via the only mobile-first data platform.

The mobile data platform trusted by the world’s top companies

Engage your users where they are — mobile!

Mobile is the center of your business because mobile is the center of your users’ lives. Covid has only hastened the mobile eventuality. Pick the only platform and team built for your mobile transformation, so you can deliver flawless user experiences that fuel upwards retention and revenue.

The Embrace Mobile Data Platform


Embrace is a unified platform that powers decision making across your entire mobile team. Build apps on top of transformed & intelligent data, and get the insights needed to take action and drive growth.

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Observability for mobile

Proactively uncover, prioritize, and fix every type of error

You are dropping 98% of your mobile data by using old school error monitoring and analytics. Unlock the power hiding in your mobile data and empower your teams to make fully informed decisions.


  • Transform your mobile presence into your primary revenue mechanism
  • Own your industry by innovating faster with the most actionable data


  • Instantly identify, prioritize, and solve any
    user-impacting issue
  • Spend more time building features and less on frustrating, previously unsolvable issues


  • Track true feature stability and spot regressions that hinder LTVs
  • Discover and fix the real source of dropoffs in high-value funnels

Data Science

  • Fuel your models by removing hindrances caused by incomplete data sources
  • Drive amazing predictive business analyses that are only possible with real-time, highest-fidelity data

A time machine to discover every known and unknown cause of suboptimal user experiences

Pinpoint the root cause instantly via automated insights and time-based user-replays. Traditional error monitoring and product analytics tools are inadequate without the comprehensive user context required for mobile debugging.

Background crashes

Get automatic crash classifications in background sessions alongside the foreground data needed to efficiently troubleshoot them.

Slow start-ups

Reduce start-up time by pinpointing heavy SDKs, network calls, or resource initializations that can be removed, deferred, or loaded lazily on background threads.

Bad third-party SDKs

Make smarter SDK decisions by knowing which ones negatively affect performance with blocking, excessive, and failing network calls.

Broken web views

Detect thread terminations in web views and automatically repair them when appropriate.

Memory issues

Identify where loading heavy assets leads to crashes so your team can implement better resource management.

Client-side network errors

Find duplicate or blocking calls, connection errors, and timeouts that lead to crashes and broken user experiences.

User terminations

Track where users disproportionately force quit so your team can locate optimization opportunities.

Failing user flows

Understand exactly what went wrong and how to fix it with the complete technical and behavioural truth behind every user journey.

Frozen screens

Detect blocked main threads with early ANR detection alongside stack trace flame graphs to highlight the culprit.


Transform your mobile team into a high-velocity engine

Your mobile team uses way too many tools to grasp at visibility and wastes too much time switching between them. Stop time-consuming and costly guesswork by observing users and reproducing issues in a single platform.

Be the first to know when something's wrong

Proactively monitor from development to production with pinpoint alerts and automated anomaly detection. Troubleshoot live events, cross-release features, and phased rollouts to fix errors before they affect your bottom line.

Instantly debug with every session for every user

Look up any user and inspect every technical detail and user action in a time-based visualization. Get straight to the root cause by instantly reproducing any issue on demand.

Achieve Feature Nirvana of speedier development timelines

Deliver your roadmap by knowing ahead of time which issues to fix and how long they’ll take. Instead of chasing ghosts, engineers can focus on what they do best — building features and creating value for your business.

Compare health and stability across releases or features

Get a bird’s eye view by tracking overall health as well as key performance and stability metrics. If a regression happens, you’ll know where it happened (e.g. feature, release, region, device) and have the data to fix it.

Built Private and Secure from Day One

No PII by default

Embrace is GDPR compliant and does not collect or store personally identifiable information.


Aligned to you and your users

Embrace only captures the behavioral and technical data required to empower actional decisions. We will never betray user trust or sell data to advertisers.

Our world is becoming mobile-first, are you?

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