“Application Not Responding” (ANR) is an error triggered on an Android app when the UI thread is blocked for too long. ANRs are a problem for mobile teams because the app’s main thread, which is responsible for updating the UI, cannot process user input events or draw, causing massive user frustration and significant effects on your app’s revenue, retention, and engagement.

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Learn how to get a more comprehensive picture of your ANRs to better understand how your code results in frozen user experiences. After all, there’s much more to eliminating ANRs than simply preventing the main thread from being blocked for 5 seconds.

Your mobile engineers struggle to solve ANRs for several reasons:

  • They have a limited understanding of ANRs. Since the Android documentation doesn’t spell out the exact conditions that trigger ANRs, mobile engineers lack visibility into all the ways their apps are causing ANRs.
  • They have limited data to solve ANRs. Mobile monitoring solutions, including Firebase Crashlytics and Google Play Console, provide limited data that doesn’t point to the root cause of ANRs.

Your Google Play Store ranking depends on staying below the orange “bad behavior” line for ANRs. But how can mobile teams be expected to accomplish this if they don’t have the tools and knowledge to proactively address these costly ANRs?

This webinar will cover how ANRs are monitored, processed, and triggered at the OS level—helping you provide your mobile engineers with a better understanding of how they can protect your apps from ANRs.

Watch this on-demand webinar for a deep dive on:

  • How the OS triggers ANRs in Activities, Services, BroadcastReceivers, and ContentProviders
  • What data is collected by the OS for each type of ANR
  • Why Firebase Crashlytics and Google Play Console display different ANR data
  • What are the different approaches to detecting ANRs in production
  • Embrace’s approach to solving ANRs via stack trace flame graphs

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