Mobile data standardized for OpenTelemetry

Ensure a common language between your client-side monitoring and your backend observability system. With our unique expertise in mobile, Embrace is actively defining the instrumentation standard and data model to capture mobile signals in accordance with OpenTelemetry. Finally, bring true alignment across your engineering teams

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Lean in to the familiar with metrics, logs, and traces for mobile

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. With Embrace’s OpenTelemetry SDKs, you can utilize the same fundamental data types that your backend teams are already working with. As a pioneer in OpenTelemetry for mobile, Embrace has developed our SDKs to translate complex mobile signals – such as crashes, ANRs, user sessions, and custom flows – into the simple OpenTelemetry standards of traces, logs, and metrics. With one data standard, mobile now fits seamlessly into your full system of analysis.

Bring ultimate extensibility and flexibility into your instrumentation

Push beyond the limitations of what traditional monitoring solutions let you track. Embrace’s SDKs are fully extensible, giving you the ultimate flexibility to customize your instrumentation, not only within your source code and first party libraries, but for networking libraries, plugins, and other third party packages that also interact with your app, and ultimately your entire system. Our SDKs provide the building blocks, so you can remove the limitations of what information can be captured, processed, and analyzed within your software’s architecture.

Enjoy the ease of one trace standard across your whole system

Instrument spans around any user operation you’d like to monitor on the frontend, then forward these spans to your observability backend to complete the visual journey of a fully distributed trace. Add custom elements like events and attributes to enrich your spans with even greater, mobile-specific context. Because Embrace’s SDKs are built on OpenTelemetry, all of the trace data you collect follows the same model and specification as backend OTel signals. You can seamlessly fit your app’s mobile telemetry into the rest of your observability pipeline with no heavy lifting.




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