Mobile telemetry for a truly unified observability view

Capture spans in your client-side operations and forward them directly to your observability backend with Embrace’s tracing capabilities. Finally, achieve true end-to-end visibility across your tech stack and facilitate better collaboration between your frontend and backend teams – all powered by OpenTelemetry.

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Realize a “single pane of glass” view of your entire system

For too long, mobile has been the missing piece to construct a true “single pane of glass” view of observability.  Not anymore. 

Use Embrace’s OTel SDKs to easily forward your mobile logs, metrics, traces – inclusive of events and attributes – to your preferred observability backend. See all of your system’s health stats in one place, and ensure that critical, user-impacting performance risks can be seen and addressed proactively by DevOps teams. 

Easily correlate data points between your app’s frontend and your servers, database, or other cloud services to spot interrelated issues that, until now, have required a lot of manual work to surface.

Trace the end-to-end journey of individual network requests

Go beyond high-level health stats to perform root-cause analysis for mobile networking issues in real time. With Embrace’s Network Span Forwarding, you can isolate a single network request as it makes its way from a user’s device all the way to your server. Embrace intercepts each network request and injects a unique traceID into the header, which follows the request all the way through your system of cloud architecture. Your mobile and backend teams can now share insight and effectively collaborate to solve user-impacting issues. 




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