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OpenTelemetry’s inherent interoperability means you can take your data with you wherever you go. Our SDKs do the work of collecting your app’s critical mobile signals – it’s up to you where you choose to send that data, whether to our dashboard for expert analysis or to your own external systems.

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Find the signal in the noise with Embrace’s Pro Dashboard

Make sense of your mountain of data with the Embrace Pro Dashboard. Our specialized tools were built by engineers with collective decades of mobile expertise, so you can get the most helpful data processing, along with some of the most advanced analysis capabilities on the market for troubleshooting mobile-specific issues. Plus, get detailed context into your end users’ full mobile journey with our User Timeline, which lets you retrace the step-by-step events that led up to an issue. 

Maintain control of your data with fully open source options to use Embrace

It’s your data, so you should be able to send it where you choose. 

Embrace’s SDKs are fully open source and OpenTelemetry-compliant, making them inherently interoperable with many different tools – both commercial and open source. You can fork and connect our SDKs to any compatible OTel collector to send you data where you want to see it, whether that’s Grafana, Datadog, Zipkin, Jaeger, or your own homegrown system – all while bypassing our backend and PRO platform completely.



User Timeline

Updates to Embrace’s User Sessions and Timeline

We've made some exciting new updates to Embrace's User Timeline and User Sessions pages. Read on to learn more about this, and how they can help engineers troubleshoot issues via rich context into the user experience.

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