AWS re:Invent attracts the brightest minds in cloud computing to share innovative ideas, build relationships, and maximize business growth. It is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year, with hundreds of sessions and thousands of attendees. However, the sheer volume of the event can be overwhelming, so we wanted to give you a cheat sheet to make the most of the event.

Specifically, this post discusses the best sessions for mobile leaders and how to make the most of the experience.

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The best sessions for mobile

ADM 302: Predictive audience scoring at scale with Amazon Sagemaker

This session walks through how to build massive machine learning pipelines for audience scoring with Amazon SageMaker.

This is essential to mobile as predicting the lifetime value of a mobile user helps optimize user acquisition spend. As mobile becomes a primary revenue mechanism, forward-thinking companies are investing heavily into leveraging mobile user experience data to make decisions about the churn and revenue implications of mobile app issues.

With speakers like Varadarajan Srinivasan (Sr Director of Data Science and ML Engineering at Acxiom) and Benjamin Winestein (Sr Software Developer of AppsFlyer), you’ll have an inside look at best practices and key mistakes to avoid when using predictive audience scoring.

Specifically, Varadarajan Srinivasan will discuss how SageMaker made it possible for Acxiom to do propensity scoring with hundreds of millions of records and thousands of propensity models. In addition, Benjamin Winestein will discuss how AppsFlyer created a predictive analytics solution that enables the business to accurately predict the lifetime value of a mobile user for iOS 14+ campaigns based on 1–24 hours of user interaction.

Both speakers will leave you with actionable insights that the team can implement immediately.

FWM 201: Accelerate front-end web and mobile development with AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify is excellent for mobile developers that are building full-stack applications and need a solution that will help their app succeed in today’s competitive landscape.

Specifically, mobile developers can use Amplify to build scalable mobile apps and connect them with existing AWS resources in minutes. This makes it easy to leverage the power of other AWS services and scale applications more efficiently.

This session will walk through how to use it effectively in an organization to improve customer experience as well as key trends for 2022 and beyond.

ANT 318: Data lakes: Easily build, secure, and share data with AWS Lake Formation

A data lake is a centralized and secure place to store all of the company data, and the extensive analytics it offers will illuminate opportunities and guide key business decisions.

So if mobile is a growing part of the organization and the business needs to send high-fidelity mobile data to be combined with other data sources for machine learning models, a data lake might be a great solution.

However, setting up and managing a data lake can be complicated and laborious. Therefore, this session details how to use AWS Lake Formation to simplify the process of setting up and managing a data lake, and how to ensure all data remains secure.

By the end of this talk, attendees will be able to create a secure and efficient data lake in a matter of days.

AIM 322: Gain greater visibility and transparency into your ML models

It can be difficult to understand how ML models make their predictions, and this session discusses how to use SageMaker Clarify, which brings transparency to ML models.

Specifically, this talk discusses how to check for potential bias in training data as it delves into various bias metrics and feature-importance graphs within SageMaker Clarify. By fighting bias in machine learning, the mobile team will better understand patterns, which will help them create a better user experience in the app.

AIM 301: Use Amazon Sagemaker to develop high-quality ML models faster

This session shows attendees how to build machine learning models faster and achieve maximum efficiency with Amazon Sagemaker. Interpreting the model’s predictions requires just a few clicks, and Sagemaker’s Autopilot can automatically create the ideal model from a given data set.

Whether you’re a data analyst or data scientist, this session is a must-attend. Data analysts will learn how to use SageMaker Autopilot to create and deploy ML models without any ML expertise, while data scientists will preview Sagemaker Notebooks. With Sagemaker Notebooks, data scientists can understand how a specific model was generated and how to recreate it in the future.

Companies with big mobile initiatves increasingly use mobile user experience data for calculating churn and LTV, detecting fraud, and optimizing marketing campaigns. Following this session, your data science teams will be able to increase productivity at every stage of the machine learning lifecycle by up to 10 times your current baseline. This allows them to more efficiently go from high-fidelity mobile data to creating more predictive models that deliver better business insights.

STP 204: Engineering for IPO with scalable architecture

The goal for most startups is to IPO or be acquired, so it’s important to build a scalable architecture that can move with the startup’s growth. As more and more startups are mobile-first, the challenge of innovating rapidly while delivering stable experiences has never been greater.

Therefore, this session provides technical leaders with the required knowledge to implement a scalable architecture that can handle an influx of data, users, and demand.

Getting this right will help the company make a smooth transition and mitigate the risk of a mishap during an IPO or acquisition. For example, companies like Lyft and Uber depend on a scalable infrastructure that can support rapid growth and complex mobile-first experiences.

So if you’re a leader in a late-stage startup, this session is a must-attend!

BOA 302: Build an app to find your next favorite brew

This session shows you how to find your favorite beer! Using the Craft Beer mobile app, attendees will receive personalized recommendations generated by machine learning models that take real-time feedback into account.

This is essential for mobile-first companies as personalized experiences are now expected by today’s mobile users.

By the end of the session, attendees will be able to integrate various AWS services such as AWS Amplify, AWS AppSync, Amazon Cognito, Amazon DynamoDB, and more into their mobile apps to create a more personalized user experience.

DOP 313: Best practices for securing your software delivery lifecycle

The mobile team relies on CI/CD to efficiently deliver code changes and ensure the mobile app is constantly improving.

However, securing that lifecycle is critical to protecting your organization’s data. This session will dive into how to implement critical security measures at every stage of the delivery pipelines to ensure all of the organization’s data is secure at every stage of the lifecycle.

API 202: Using an Event-driven Application Pattern to Improve Customer Experience

Customer experience is more important than ever before, especially in mobile. Therefore, this panel discusses how to use tracking, geofencing, routing, and geocoding securely and effectively.

It also dives into an example of how Amazon Fresh (the Amazon grocery delivery service) estimates customer arrival time and directs staff and customers. With customer experience becoming an increasingly important factor to mobile app success, this panel will leave you with some valuable insights to implement with the team.

DOP 310: Enabling decentralized development teams with a shared services platform

Mobile teams need to move fast to keep up with the competition and the ever-changing mobile landscape. However, a centralized team often sacrifices the speed of development as they need to piece together their own custom solutions.

Therefore, this session will show you how to create a decentralized development team by using a shared services platform. This way, your mobile team doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel and can move faster with tools like AWS Proton, AWS Copilot, and more.

Supercharging your mobile app’s user experience

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Other fun events

While learning actionable tactics and industry trends, you’ll also have fun! Kicking off the event is Midnight Madness which resembles a U.S. college sports pep rally. During the event, you’ll get to experience product launches, plenty of food, and fun activities.

In addition to Midnight Madness, re:Play is another fun event that happens during the conference. This evening event is located at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds and offers activities like dodgeball and office chair races that are sure to create lasting memories.

In addition to these events, here are just a few of the other activities that AWS re:Invent has in store:

  • Ping pong tournaments
  • Chicken wing eating contests
  • Bingo night
  • Board Game Night + Lego Competition
  • Choir!Choir!Choir!

If you want to learn more about the fun opportunities at AWS re:Invent 2021, check out this guide.

Join us at re:Invent 2021!

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