Embrace’s iOS and Android SDKs are now built on OpenTelemetry!

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Embrace is now a Unity Verified Solutions Partner

Unity developers can seamlessly implement Embrace's Unity-verified SDK to resolve critical mobile gameplay issues like crashes, ANRs, and more with full user experience visibility.

CULVER CITY, CA — Embrace, the solution for mobile engineers to proactively address user-impacting app issues, announced today that it is now a Unity Verified Solution. The Embrace SDK has been fully vetted by Unity to ensure rigorous technical quality and compatibility standards. Unity developers will have access to Embrace’s powerful performance monitoring SDK for their mobile games via a verified listing in the Unity Asset Store.

As the leading toolset for mobile game teams to identify the root cause of user-impacting issues, Embrace helps improve the speed, stability, and performance of mobile games at every stage of development. With complete, unsampled data, engineers using Embrace get the full context to solve any issue, whether it’s a crash, slowdown, error, ANR, network failure, or more.

User Session Insights for Mobile Game Developers

Mobile game engineers face insufficient tooling when it comes to observability and performance monitoring, resulting in unnecessary toil. Legacy, web-native solutions lack the nuance that mobile requires and were not built for the unique needs of games. Free tools may point out app issues like ANRs, but do not help engineers resolve them. And when teams are left to cobble together their own solutions, they waste valuable time and effort.

Embrace is designed for early discovery, enabling developers to catch performance risks as soon as they impact even a handful of users. By capturing every technical event that occurs within each and every player session, engineers can quickly resolve issues with relevant technical context.

“Embrace is proud to be a Unity-vetted solution to make game developers’ lives easier,” said Eric Futoran, Co-Founder and CEO of Embrace. “In mobile, every user counts. By capturing every technical event that occurs within a player session, teams can understand where and when their users encounter poor app experiences. Resolving issues quickly helps teams focus on what they love to do – build amazing games.”

Mobile engineers at companies like Wildlife Studios, Voodoo, Take-Two, Superplay, Atlas Reality, and more rely on Embrace to understand their users, address app errors quickly, and build incredible games that users love.

Innovative Features For Building Better, Bolder Games

Whether pre-launch, soft launch, or in production making feature updates, Embrace provides mobile-specific tooling for engineers such as:

  • Complete user session timelines: Recreate every user experience with the full technical and behavioral details in a play-by-play format that takes the guesswork out of understanding how a user experienced an issue. Get to the root cause of any issue, affecting any player, without tedious manual reproduction steps.
  • ANR and crash resolution: Surface and resolve high priority ANRs and crashes that impact app rankings and discoverability. See Google Play Console ANR data directly within Embrace, combined with thread profiles captured whenever a game begins to enter an ANR state, with powerful flame graphs for faster prioritization and resolution.
  • Dedicated Unity exceptions reporting: Automatically capture both native-layer and Unity-layer exceptions, with stack traces in native code and C#. View exceptions thrown on background threads in addition to the main thread for faster identification of the root causes of crashes and exceptions.
  • Automatic network request logging: Get the client-side performance of every single network call to gain insight that server-side monitoring just can’t see. Discover when third-party SDKs (like ad SDKs) are causing slowdowns and freezes that impact gameplay and cause users to abandon game sessions.

Visit Embrace’s Verified Solutions page on the Unity Asset Store to get started.

Colin Contreary
Head of Content

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