Watch this on-demand webinar to learn what e-commerce mobile teams can do to reclaim revenue that is lost due to technical failures. We’ll cover why it’s important to have goals when making revenue decisions, how failures in your apps cause revenue leaks, and how to identify and stop these issues.

We’ll break down the causes of revenue leaks, the solutions involved, and how a structure can be put in place to proactively surface these failures before they have an outsized impact on your bottom line.

Some of these revenue leaks include:

  • Failures in ads
  • Failures in purchases
  • Failures in alerting
  • Failures in app performance

We’ll cover all of these technical failures in detail to explore how they impact revenue, discuss best practices for measuring that impact, and demonstrate how e-commerce mobile teams can quickly uncover the root cause. Then, we’ll explore the best solutions to reclaim that lost revenue so that it never happens again. And if a regression does happen, your team is empowered to quickly and confidently address it.

Revenue Leaks Webinar