The Bugsnag alternative that’s truly aligned to the needs of mobile-first companies

Bugsnag is a small step up from Firebase, and for companies just dipping their toes into mobile, it’s a basic way to supplement limited, free tools.

For companies competing against best-in-class-apps with a goal to win, a huge gap exists between limited tools, like Bugsnag, and platforms purpose-built for the modern mobile team.

With Embrace, you get a comprehensive platform to proactively analyze, reproduce, and optimize every single user experience. Mobile-first companies that have high aspirations and the commitment to achieve them choose Embrace.

Proactive — You want to be the first to know…
about more than crashes

You, the mobile team, should never find out about problems from external sources. You should be the first to know and the first to tell the rest of the org what is happening.

Bugsnag’s alerts are broad, limited, and noisy. Your engineers will wade through duplicate alerts that aren’t precise enough to immediately identify what went wrong.

With Embrace, you have complete control over what issues you care about and when you want to hear about them.

  • Highly targeted alerts. With Embrace, you define the metric or error, the user segment, the device environment, and the properties to create completely targeted alerts for your app.
  • Noiseless alerts. With Embrace, you set threshold and recovery levels, so you only get notified if the issue is a problem and you avoid duplicate alerts for the same spike.
  • Proactive alerts. With Embrace, you’re covered for the issues you cannot plan for, like third-party network errors that are breaking your app or previously resolved bugs that have resurfaced.

Comprehensive — You want one tool that does it all

With Bugsnag, you are restricted to logs, which give you limited visibility into the issues affecting your users. With sampled data, you’re forced to guess at solutions, so why would you pay to guess when you can do that for free with Firebase?

Bugsnag cannot identify every issue. Most issues in mobile do not end in a log or stack trace, like frozen screens, stalled startups, blank web views, failed network calls, etc.

Bugsnag creates needless releases. Every new issue means adding logs, releasing a new version, and hoping you fixed the problem. Your time to resolution is unpredictable and your roadmap is contantly getting derailed.

Bugsnag has unpredictable pricing. Events are inherently unpredictable, so you are forced to ingest limited categories of data in an effort to keep costs under control.

With Embrace, you get all the data out of the box so you can spend more time building features and less time fixing bugs.

Embrace is unsampled — Reproduce any user session and instantly debug

The true health of an app must be measured by any time a user’s progression is stopped. Only by collecting and analyzing every session can you ever hope to discover all the issues and crashes.

With Embrace you can reproduce any session with all the data points you need — not just limited to logs. The best context is user flows, network calls, CPU usage, memory, and more in a traversable, time-based visualization.

Embrace is based on sessions, not events — Predictable pricing as you grow

Event-based solutions like Bugsnag are not aligned to your needs. They seem attractive at first because you can keep events low when you’re small. However, as you scale, you need more and more data to accomodate a growing userbase. The unpredictable pricing of events means your engineers are forced to limit the information they collect simply to meet a price point.

With Embrace, you get a partner that is completely aligned to your team:

  • Session-based pricing so you know exactly what you’ll pay.
  • Unlimited logs and events in any session.

Trusted by top mobile companies to improve their apps

Step up to the modern mobile age with the best-in-class observability and debugging platform

Observability — You want complete visibility of every key metric

Mobile-first companies have unique goals and KPIs, and one-size-fits-all tools only provide limited metrics and severely restricted dashboards. You should be able to track any metric to indicate a failure or improvement in your app — across features not just versions — and with complete control over how it is visualized.

With Embrace, prioritize based on user impact

For any issue, see exactly which users are affected and whether it’s even worth fixing. Easily pinpoint the errors, user flows, features, and releases that deserve immediate attention.

  • Instantly derive the actual impact of any user complaint or issue.
  • Observe a release and feature by any metric, SLA, or KPI.
  • Real-time Crashlytics-style, configurable dashboards.

With Embrace, gain complete visibility into all the issues affecting your users

Logging and crashing is only one piece of the picture. You need more data to solve what is impacting your users and revenue.

Bugsnag Embrace
Crashes Checkmark Checkmark
Logging Checkmark Checkmark
ANRs Checkmark Checkmark
Pinpoint and Proactive Alerts X Checkmark
Unreported Crashes Surfaced X Checkmark
Advanced Crash Solving X Checkmark
Session Replays X Checkmark
All Sessions (No Sampling) X Checkmark
Network Endpoint Monitoring X Checkmark
Performance of Key Flows X Checkmark
Feature Comparison by Any Metric X Checkmark
Configurable Metric Dashboards X Checkmark
Automated Instrumentation X Checkmark
Predictable Pricing X Checkmark

You need a platform that will help you grow, not one that will hinder you.