The Crashlytics alternative — the next evolution in crash reporting

Crashlytics was an amazing product before it was absorbed by Firebase. Google gutted the real-time dashboards, clean UI, and access to data beyond the stack trace.

With Embrace, take the next step beyond Crashlytics. Rediscover the features you adored… and combine them with the ones missing, including user session replays, logging, and network monitoring.

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Enter Crashlytics 2.0

You used to easily pinpoint the errors that deserved your immediate attention with real-time dashboards on your TV. Get them back and now also pinpoint by feature and user flow with Embrace.

  • Create real-time Crashlytics-style dashboards customized for your team’s KPIs.
  • Track app health based on how performance and stability affect the individual user experience.
  • Compare any metric or KPI with industry benchmarks to prioritize debugging.
Collage of dashboards and graphs

Achieve the highest (and most accurate) crash-free % possible

Have you ever seen a Crashlytics crash in their dash? Neither have we, and we know that no tool is infallible. With Embrace, identify more crashes and user-impacting issues than Crashlytics.

We recently compared Firebase crashes with our own at Embrace over 10 prominent apps across verticals. Embrace reported 10% more crashes, while Firebase missed entire types of crashes and even missed specific devices and Android OS versions entirely.

Crashlytics Embrace
Crashes Checkmark Checkmark
ANRs Checkmark Checkmark
ANR Root Cause Detection X Checkmark
Full Session Context Leading to Crash X Checkmark
Background and System Crash Detection X Checkmark
Deduplicated Crashes with Automatic Reclassification X Checkmark
Traces for Native, NDK, and JS Crashes X Checkmark
OOMs X Checkmark

Solve the unsolvable crash

Rob Resma

We solved our second-biggest crash that existed since the app’s first submission because of Embrace. They connected a bad network call at the beginning of the session to the cause of the crash.

Rob Resma
Software Engineering Manager, Wish

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Mobile teams and high performance apps, that we know and love, use Embrace

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Step up to the modern mobile age with the best-in-class crash reporter and solver

Beyond crashes, get the data and insights to solve enterprise problems

Embrace is built to solve the toughest mobile issues by giving you all of the metrics a mobile developer needs in one place. Find all crash, stability, and performance insights, conveniently connected to every user’s individual sessions.

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Session-specific data

Reproduce the issue when it’s not possible or incredibly time-consuming with your current tools.

Alerts icon

Hyper-targeted alerts

Proactive alerts for errors you wouldn't know about otherwise, and hyper-targeted alerts for any error or metric you want to know about sooner.

Network icon

Logging and network endpoint monitoring

With device-side visibility, find issues affecting the user experience that your backend tools won’t catch, like too many network calls causing freezes and force quits.

Built with privacy and mobile in mind

Do you trust Google? As part of Firebase, Crashlytics now serves the goals of Google, which are to collect user data for the purposes of targeted advertising. They collect and send excessive, intrusive data that you both don’t know the full scope of and are powerless to stop.

Embrace is private

We are GDPR compliant and do not collect or store PII by default.

Lock with Embrace logo on it

Embrace is aligned to you and your users

We only capture the technical data needed to improve mobile apps. We’re not interested in betraying user trust for the purposes of advertising.

We show up

Ever try to talk to someone at Crashlytics? We did when we were devs and were unsuccessful. Embrace is your partner, and our sole mission is to empower mobile teams to ship the best apps possible.

  • We show up and help our partners with pulling custom data, industry benchmarking and KPI insights, and expert debugging assistance.
  • Our mobile experts are only a Slack message away.
People offering a helping hand

Finally uncover and solve every user issue leading to churn and lost revenue