The Crashlytics
that's the next
evolution in crash

With Embrace, take the next step beyond Crashlytics.
Rediscover the features you adored… and combine them with
the ones missing, including user session insights, logging,
and network monitoring.

With Embrace, gain complete visibility into
all the issues affecting your users

Logging and crashing is only one piece of the picture. You need more data to
solve what is impacting your users and revenue.





Advanced ANR detection and analysis

Full session context leading to crash

Background data collection

Deduplicated crashes with automatic reclassification

Traces for native, NDK, and JS crashes

Full support for React Native

Flutter feature parity, including performance monitoring

Forward mobile data to any OTLP-compatible backend solution

100% of sessions (no sampling)

Full data privacy and compliance

Trusted by top mobile companies

Beyond crashes, get the
data and insights to
solve enterprise

Embrace is built to solve the toughest mobile issues by
giving you all of the metrics a mobile engineer needs in
one place. Find all crash, stability, and performance
insights, conveniently connected to every user’s
individual sessions.

Full visibility into user experiences

Reproduce any issue for any user with complete telemetry across every foreground and background session.

Hyper-targeted alerts

Proactive alerts for errors you wouldn’t know about otherwise, and hyper-targeted alerts for any error or metric you want to know about sooner.

Logging and network endpoint monitoring

With device-side visibility, find issues affecting the user experience that your backend tools won’t catch, like too many network calls causing freezes and force quits.

Enter Crashlytics 2.0

You used to easily pinpoint the errors that deserved your immediate attention with real-time dashboards on your TV. Get them back and now also pinpoint by feature and user flow with Embrace.

  • Create real-time Crashlytics-style dashboards customized for your team’s KPIs.
  • Track app health based on how performance and stability affect the individual user experience.
  • Compare any metric or KPI with industry benchmarks to prioritize debugging.
crashlytics alternative

Built with privacy and mobile in mind

Do you trust Google? As part of Firebase, Crashlytics now serves the goals of Google, which are to collect user data for the purposes of targeted advertising. They collect and send excessive, intrusive data that you both don’t know the full scope of and are powerless to stop.

  • Embrace is private: We are GDPR compliant and do not collect or store PII by default.
  • Embrace is aligned to you and your users: We only capture the technical data needed to improve mobile apps. We’re not interested in betraying user trust for the purposes of advertising.

Embrace is how you make mobile mission-critical.

Understand what people need to fall in love with the things you build.
Go bigger, move faster, and don’t break things. With Embrace.