Embrace’s iOS and Android SDKs are now built on OpenTelemetry!

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Go beyond Datadog's surface-level data, get deeper mobile insights with Embrace

Embrace was built for mobile engineers, provides client-side data out of the box, and never samples your data. Get superior ANR monitoring, mobile crash reporting, and error monitoring, and start building better experiences today.

Datadog vs Embrace

With Embrace, gain complete visibility into all the issues affecting your mobile users.





Custom dashboards

Network insights

Performance of key flows

Proactive alerting

Supports Unity

Advanced ANR analysis

100% of sessions (no sampling)

Specialized for mobile

Forward mobile data to any OTLP compatible back-end solution

Transparent pricing

Trusted by top mobile companies

Build better mobile

experiences with Embrace

Datadog was built for the backend. Embrace was made for the client side and with the express intent of helping mobile engineers build better experiences.

Mobile RUM

Go beyond session replay and easily recreate the full technical details for any user experience. Mobile engineers get to the root cause of issues faster with Embrace.

Client-side data, out of the box

No manual, tedious set-up required to get the client-side data that is critical to building great mobile experiences. With Embrace, you’ll get these insights out of the box.

Superior mobile monitoring and analysis

Go beyond basic logs and high-level crash reporting. When mobile matters, Embrace gives your engineers all the tools they need to ensure they never have to solve the same crash or error twice.

A must-have toolset from Unity engineers

While Datadog doesn’t support Unity, Embrace provides full context into the Unity gamer’s experience with:

  • Session play by play
  • Custom view tracking API
  • Dedicated Unity exceptions reporting
  • Multithreaded exception logging

Intelligent ANR reporting for easier, faster issue resolution

Real-time, production-level ANR insights, paired with deep user session context, that helps you quickly find, prioritize, and resolve ANRs.

  • Focus your efforts with advanced ANR groupings
  • Identify common contributors to ANRs with flame graphs
  • Improve Google Play Store rankings

Embrace is how you make mobile mission-critical.

Understand what people need to fall in love with the things you build.
Go bigger, move faster, and don’t break things. With Embrace.