The Instabug alternative that shines in every stage, not just QA

Instabug is a great tool for QA and testers, who can save time reporting bugs in development. But in production, it’s next to worthless. Users simply don’t shake their phones, and relying on users to report every issue leaves your team with minimal information and as the last to know when things go wrong.

With Embrace, you get proactively notified about every user-impacting issue and get the comprehensive session-level data needed to identify, prioritize, and solve it. Mobile-first companies that want to move fast with complete observability into their apps choose Embrace.

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Instabug is not comprehensive or proactive

Everything they’ve built is traditional crash and error reporting. That means you’re limited to logs and basic alerts. To succeed in mobile, you need comprehensive data so you can control what you want to monitor and when you want to be alerted when things go wrong.

Embrace captures more data than Instabug

Embrace gives you complete control over your data

Every company is unique and has different goals and KPIs. Instead of relying on out-of-the-box dashboards and limited high-level metrics, you should define the metrics you care about and how you want to monitor them.

  • Create Crashlytics-style dashboards to track any metric (not just crashes and logs).
  • Filter by feature, release, user segment, region, and more to focus on your goals and KPIs.
  • Compare metrics by any criteria so you can drill down for the insights you need. For example, easily compare network conditions across regions when expanding to new markets to ensure you deliver a consistent user experience.
Embrace dashboards showing configurable metrics

Embrace lets you be the first to know… about more than crashes

You, the mobile team, should never find out about problems from external sources. You should be the first to know and the first to tell the rest of the org what is happening.

  • Highly targeted alerts. With Embrace, you define the metric or error, the user segment, the device environment, and the properties to create completely targeted alerts for your app.
  • Noiseless alerts. With Embrace, you set threshold and recovery levels, so you only get notified if the issue is a problem and you avoid duplicate alerts for the same spike.
  • Proactive alerts. With Embrace, you’re covered for the issues you cannot plan for, like third-party network errors that are breaking your app or previously resolved bugs that have resurfaced.
Funnel showing a configurable alert

Instabug’s APM is a poor man’s Firebase

Basic tools will only help you solve basic issues. To compete against best-in-class apps, you need tooling that’s purpose-built to help you solve the toughest mobile issues.

Instabug cannot identify every issue. Most issues in mobile do not end in a log or stack trace, like frozen screens, stalled startups, blank web views, failed network calls, etc.

Instabug cannot help you solve issues. You cannot tie Apdex scores and aggregated metrics to the individual user sessions they stem from. If you can’t click through to the underlying data, you’ll be left guessing at solutions instead of debugging with complete information.

Instabug is not a fast integration. It requires a lot of manual integration to slowly build up limited visibility as opposed to gathering the data automatically.

Frustrated developer sitting at desk

Embrace is unsampled — Reproduce any user session and instantly debug

The true health of an app must be measured by any time a user’s progression is stopped. Only by collecting and analyzing every session can you ever hope to discover all the issues and crashes.

With Embrace you can reproduce any session with all the data points you need — not just limited to logs. The best context is user flows, network calls, CPU usage, memory, and more in a traversable, time-based visualization.

Embrace's session replay

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Step up to the modern mobile age with the best-in-class observability and debugging platform

With Embrace, gain complete visibility into all the issues affecting your users

Embrace gives mobile teams complete data to solve every issue impacting your users and revenue.

  • Optimize key user flows. See exactly when users abandon slow startups, purchases, add to carts, or videos, and inspect every affected session to find the root cause.
  • Debug any networking issue. Identify where failed calls for content lead to blank screens, and rectify misconfigured calls by inspecting headers, bodies, and query params.
  • Discover and fix failing web views. They no longer are a black box with more web view insights including automatic reloading when they fail.
Instabug Embrace
Crashes Checkmark Checkmark
Logging Checkmark Checkmark
ANR Root Cause Identification X Checkmark
Pinpoint and Proactive Alerts X Checkmark
Unreported Crashes Surfaced X Checkmark
Advanced Crash Solving X Checkmark
Session Replays X Checkmark
All Sessions (No Sampling) X Checkmark
Network Endpoint Monitoring X Checkmark
Performance of Key Flows X Checkmark
Feature Comparison by Any Metric X Checkmark
Configurable Metric Dashboards X Checkmark
Automated Instrumentation X Checkmark
Predictable Pricing X Checkmark

We show up... and with experts

Embrace is much more than a platform for mobile teams. We are your partner, and our sole mission is to empower you to ship the best apps possible.

  • We show up and help our partners with pulling custom data, industry benchmarking and KPI insights, and expert debugging assistance.
  • Our mobile experts are only a Slack message away.
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You're letting your competitors leapfrog you. Put a stop to it now with the best-in-class mobile platform.