Embrace’s iOS and Android SDKs are now built on OpenTelemetry!

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Embrace’s Flutter SDK was built to support the unique structure of the Flutter framework, while also providing full native-layer support. See Dart stack traces for every Flutter exception, extensive networking support for both http and dio, and automatic view logging. Plus, Embrace gives you full feature parity with native iOS and Android monitoring - so you’re getting the critical info you need to troubleshoot any problem.

flutter performance

Full context into the Flutter
user’s experience

  • Session Play by Play: See every error, crash, and network call in the context of a full app experience. Add your own custom breadcrumbs for even deeper context. We capture 100% of user sessions, including what happened when your Flutter app was backgrounded.
  • Automatic view logging: Embrace’s Flutter SDK automatically logs views when routes are pushed and popped within your app. It also supports manual view tracking for full customization and granularity in how you understand your end user’s experience.
  • Dedicated Dart exceptions reporting: Embrace captures crashes and errors in both your native and Flutter app layers, right out-of-the-box. Our dedicated Flutter dashboard shows you high-level stats for unhandled exceptions and errors. Examine every exception in detail with a Dart stack trace, separate to your native code stack traces.

Feature parity with native app

  • ANR troubleshooting for Android Flutter apps: Embrace’s ANR solution is unrivaled in the market, and it’s available out-of-the box for Flutter apps build on top of Android. You’ll benefit from the SDK taking stacktrace samples of the main thread every 100ms while it’s blocked, customizable flame graphs for visual analysis and prioritization of faulty methods, and dedicated method troubleshooting views.
  • User terminations for iOS Flutter apps: For iOS-based apps, a dedicated User Terminations dashboard gives you info into where and why users are force quitting your app. Correlation scores and metrics provide direction into whether specific faulty UI views were responsible for a user termination.
  • Networking insight across different protocols and packages: Network monitoring with Embrace gives you insight into requests made via a REST API or GraphQL. Additionally, our Flutter SDK supports both http and dio packages, so you get the insight you need – however you choose to build.

Integration options that make it
easy to get started

  • Simple installation with out-of-the-box functionality: Getting started with Embrace for Flutter is easy, as the majority of our reporting features are out-of-the-box. To add Embrace’s native SDKs, simply create the required plist configuration file and upload your dSYMs for iOS. For Android, all that’s needed are a few lines of code in your build.gradle file and a config file in your main folder. Installing the Flutter layer SDK requires just a single command to your pubspec.yaml for importing our Dart library.
  • Stack trace deobfuscation: Embrace deobfuscates every crash and error stack trace so you can make sense of it. Our integration flow makes it easy to upload Dart symbol files, plus iOS dSYM and Android mapping files, to facilitate this deobfuscation.

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