Embrace’s iOS and Android SDKs are now built on OpenTelemetry!

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Embrace’s iOS SDK is built by iOS devs, for iOS devs. Extensive support for Apple’s frameworks lets you deliver the best mobile experiences for your end users, no matter how you choose to build.

ios app performance optimization

Full context into the iOS user’s

  • Session Play by Play: See every tap, swipe, error, crash, and network call in the context of a full app experience. Embrace captures UI views for both UIKit and SwiftUI, and lets you add custom breadcrumbs in the timeline for even greater insight.
  • User Terminations: A dedicated User Terminations dashboard gives you info into where and why users are force quitting your app. Correlation scores and metrics provide direction into whether specific faulty UI views were responsible for a user termination.
  • iOS Extensions: Embrace offers support for iOS extensions, like the Share, Messages, and Widget extensions, among others. This ensures that you can uncover any issue users experience, even if it’s while interacting with an extension. See the full list of supported extensions in our docs.

Crash and error reporting built
for iOS

  • dSYMs uploading: Options for both automatic or manual upload of iOS dSYMs so you can see every crash and error stacktrace in a human readable format.
  • Swift and Objective-C support: Whichever language you use to build, you can take full advantage of Embrace’s crash reporting, error logging, and performance monitoring capabilities.

Integration options that make it easy to get started

  • Use Cocoapods, Carthage, or Swift Package Manager to link Embrace: Integration methods are available for whichever way you choose to build. The more automated options include adding Embrace to your CocoaPods Podfile or using Xcode 12 to manage the Embrace dependency for you.
  • CLI tool easy configuration: Embrace’s CLI tool will help you validate, install, and verify the dSYM upload in your Xcode project for more seamless configuration with Embrace.
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Embrace provides Ibotta with the tools to quickly identify and fix issues so we can reliably deliver great user experiences.

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