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with 100% high-fidelity data on every user session. Our ANR resolution is the most detailed tool on the market, so you can keep your ANR rates low to achieve better rankings and discoverability for your game on the Play Store. Plus, get full native code and Unity stack traces – symbolicated in the C# code you're familiar with – extensive network monitoring, and flexible view tracking, so you can keep your games healthy and your players engaged.

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Full context into the Unity
gamer’s experience

  • Session Play by Play: See every unhandled exception, crash, and network call in the context of a full app experience. Add your own custom breadcrumbs for even deeper context. We capture 100% of user sessions, so you can investigate any reported error with a full understanding of the player’s history in a game – no querying needed.
  • Custom view tracking API: Embrace’s Unity SDK lets you customize how you track views in your game. These are reported in the session timeline for even more granularity into understanding your end user’s experience.
  • Dedicated Unity exceptions reporting: Embrace captures crashes and errors in both your native and Unity app layers, right out-of-the-box. Our dedicated Unity dashboard shows you high-level stats for unhandled exceptions and errors. Examine every exception in detail with a C# stack trace, separate to your native code stack traces.
  • Multithreaded exception logging: With Embrace, you can enable multithreaded log exceptions. This ensures you capture exceptions thrown on background threads, in addition to the default logging of exceptions thrown on the main Unity thread.

Feature parity with native apps gets you to the root cause of game interruptions

  • ANR troubleshooting that keep your Android games healthy: Embrace’s ANR solution is unrivaled in the market, and it’s available out-of-the box for Unity apps built on top of Android. You’ll benefit from early ANR detection tools – our SDK starts sampling the main thread after only 1s of blockage. Additionally, Embrace takes stacktrace samples of the main JVM thread every 100ms while it’s blocked, provides customizable flame graphs for visual analysis and prioritization of faulty methods, and offers dedicated method troubleshooting views. Plus, we take samples of the Unity thread if it’s blocked, and provide C# flame graphs for troubleshooting the Unity layer. Our ad-focused sampling filter lets you identify problematic ad SDKs that are compromising your game’s performance.
  • User terminations for iOS games: For iOS-based games, a dedicated User Terminations dashboard gives you info into where and why users are force quitting your app. Correlation scores and metrics provide direction into whether specific faulty UI views were responsible for a user termination.
  • Automatic network request logging: Embrace provides a few options for logging network requests, so you can do this manually or let our SDK handle most of the work. We provide support for automatically logging web requests made via UnityWebRequest and HttpClient.

Integration options that make it easy to get started

  • Simple installation with out-of-the-box functionality: The majority of Embrace’s reporting features are out-of-the-box, and we provide tools to automate much of the initial installation. We use Scoped Registries to allow our users to manage, download and install our SDK using the built-in Unity Package Manager. We set up Embrace as a scoped registry automatically after the initial install, so future updates are quick and easy. Additionally, the Embrace Unity SDK includes an editor script to simplify linking the Android and iOS layers of the SDK, as well as collecting and uploading debug information for symbolication.
  • Compatible with popular devices, tools, and SDKs: Support for modern toolkits and SDKs like Ironsource – without any additional heavy lifting during integration. Embrace works seamlessly with the External Dependency Manager for Android games, and now supports building for the iOS simulator.
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Embrace is the best monitoring solution we’ve found for our mobile games. The depth of insights they provide allows us to understand which issues to address and gives us the data our teams need to solve them. We can make better decisions for our business and users because of our partnership with Embrace.

Bruno Dreux

Director of Engineering Operations

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Bruno Dreux

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