The Sentry alternative that solves way more crashes out of the box

Sentry is an error handling tool myopically focused on logging and crashes. As an event-based approach, Sentry requires a ton of manual instrumentation, yet the return is not commensurate with the work. Logs alone provide limited visibility into the issues that truly stop a user from using your app.

In mobile, every device is a user with an infinite set of ever-changing variables. To quickly identify and solve issues, you need data beyond the limited scope of self-instrumented logs. Learn how a platform purpose-built for mobile can report more issues along with all the data you need to solve them.

Sentry is reactive, not proactive

Sentry’s power comes from logging, which by definition identifies potential issues you already know about… because you set the logs. However, in mobile you can’t possibly predict all the issues.

Will you rely on users to report every issue to you? Even if they do, there won’t be enough information to reproduce them.

How will you identify non-fatal issues? Most issues on mobile aren’t crashes. (Your crash rate is 99.x%!) These issues don’t end in a log or stack trace, like frozen screens, stalled start-ups, blank web views, failed network calls, etc.

How will you identify issues that don’t stem from a single failing resource? You can’t notice when things are missing, slow, or out of order without full user session context.

Embrace surfaces the most issues and crashes

The true health of an app must be measured by any time a user’s progression is stopped. Embrace tracks the entirety of each and every user experience to achieve the most comprehensive approach. As a mobile-only platform, we are completely dedicated to surfacing every type of issue that leads to churn and lost revenue.


Advanced crash detection and solving

Discover issues other tools miss or under report and automatically identify them (e.g. ANR root cause detection and background crashes).


Key user flow optimization

Stop users from abandoning your app due to slow or failing startups, checkouts, and purchases.


Full visibility into networking errors

Trace the call from the device through your backend to identify whether the problem is poor connectivity, too many calls leading to a timeout, or a broken endpoint.

Debugging with Sentry is unpredictable and causes needless releases

When you do have an issue and you don’t have the logs for context, you have to add logs and release a new version. Then you cross your fingers and hope you caught the issue. If not, you do it again — add more logs, rinse, and repeat. This adds days and weeks to your time to resolution along with the pain and frustration that stems from unsolved issues.

With Embrace, reproduce any session and instantly solve with the root-cause

With access to every single session, you can reproduce sessions with all the data you need — not just limited to logs. Dive into a session with views/activities, network calls, CPU usage, memory, and more in a traversable, time-based visualization. Even better, for any issue, quickly understand the quantifiable impact across all users so you can prioritize whether it’s even worth fixing.

Mobile teams and high performance apps, that we know and love, use Embrace

Step up to the modern mobile age with the best-in-class crash reporter and solver

Embrace is observability for enterprise-level mobile teams

Embrace is more than a debugging tool — it’s the single source of truth for your mobile app, with full observability for the metrics you care about. Our dashboard and data can be easily used across your teams with minimal on-boarding.

  • VPs of Engineering can compare releases with any desired metric to spot improvements or regressions.
  • Mobile managers can monitor feature health with real-time dashboards.
  • CS teams can triage user complaints by first looking up users and accessing their sessions.
  • QA teams can check the health of the network when testing features before going to engineering.
  • Mobile engineers can identify, prioritize, and solve any user-impacting issue.

With Embrace, gain complete visibility into the issues affecting your users

Logging and crashing is only one piece of the picture. You need more data to solve what is impacting your users and revenue.

Sentry Embrace
Crashes Checkmark Checkmark
Logging Checkmark Checkmark
ANRs Checkmark Checkmark
Unreported Crashes Surfaced X Checkmark
Advanced Crash Solving X Checkmark
Session Replays X Checkmark
Network Monitoring X Checkmark
Performance of Key Flows X Checkmark
Configurable Metric Dashboards X Checkmark
Automated Instrumentation X Checkmark
All Sessions (No Sampling) X Checkmark

We show up

Ever talked to someone at Sentry outside of a GitHub repo? Neither did we when we built apps. Sentry is an everyman tool, while Embrace is your partner, completely dedicated to your team’s success

  • We show up and help our partners with pulling custom data, industry benchmarking and KPI insights, and expert debugging assistance.
  • Our mobile experts are only a Slack message away to help dive in when you are stuck.

Experience the power of a comprehensive mobile solution to identify, prioritize, and solve