Embrace’s iOS and Android SDKs are now built on OpenTelemetry!

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Chris Gaudino

Unity Engineering Manager


Chris Gaudino previously worked as a Unity engineering manager at Embrace. During his time with the company, he optimized the Embrace Unity SDK and played a key role in helping customers understand Unity ANR behavior. He also developed key features of the Embrace core product, including automatic network capture.



Understanding and working with constraints in Flutter

By leveraging Flutter's built-in widgets, layout options, and performance optimization techniques, we can effectively understand and work with Flutter's constraints to create high-quality, responsive apps that deliver a seamless user experience across different screen sizes and device capabilities.

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App Performance

Avoiding garbage collector performance spikes in Unity

Navigate the challenges of garbage collector performance spikes in Unity and optimize your game's performance, as we explore memory management techniques, object pooling, and efficient resource allocation strategies, empowering developers to create smoother gameplay experiences with reduced stuttering and improved frame rates.

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Getting started with assembly definitions in Unity

Leverage assembly definitions in Unity as we guide you through the fundamentals, benefits, and practical implementation of this powerful feature, empowering you to organize and optimize your game's codebase, streamline build times, and enhance development efficiency.

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